Top 10 Group Chat Apps for iPad


AIM is the popular group chat app for iPad developed by AOL Inc and is available in English. The main features include direct group chat with your friends in Facebook and contacts in Google Talk,posting photos to your lifestream,getting updates from the social networking sites,sending and receiving text messages using Wi-Fi or 3G network,sending instant messages to any phone number ,posting your status to social networking sites, creating multiple usernames for yourself and switching between the names easily etc.


Hoozin is a cool group app developed by Hoozin Ltd and it supports many languages like Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Chinese etc. The main features include group chat with excellent UI and design,playing group games with your friends, sending private messages to your friends which only they can see, sharing pictures, creating polls and send to your group for voting to get their views on the topic, knowing who’s online and who’s typing messages easily with a single click etc.


Huddle is developed by MAXX Wireless Inc which is used for group chat anytime and anywhere and is available in English. The main features include creating a public group in your favorite topic like politics,news,sports events etc,creating a private group to manage schedules,creating a separate group for your close friends etc. The group can be created from Facebook,SMS,Web and Mobile.PC Version of Huddle is also available.



Lobi is developed by the company Kayac Inc and is available in English and Japanese. The main features include creating a private group easily using twitter,facebook or email account,sending messages to friends,playing games with friends and creating sub account for each game,location service telling where you are currently located, emotion stickers to show your current mood etc. You can also invite friends in your social network like Facebook and Twitter.


GroupMe is developed by Mindless Dribble Inc and is available in many languages like French,German,Dutch,Chinese,Japanese,Italin etc. The main features include creating groups with the contacts in your address book,sharing photos,sending emoticons and messages to your groups,location service telling where you are currently located,sending a private message to the contact without interfering with the group,choosing separate avatars for the group etc.

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ChatTrack app is developed by AllFocus Inc and is available in English. The main features include group chat with dynamic history and grouping,sending the chat details to another group,synchronization with the mobile address book,switching from one group chat to another,tracking the ideas with color coded folders,reminder notifications for to-do lists,adding multimedia easily while chatting etc. You will never miss any message as it will be sent as an SMS if the internet connection is bad. It also works with many kinds of smartphones apart from iPad and iPhone.


iGotChat is a cross talk messenger developed by Cantcha Inc and is available in English and German. The main features include integrated group messaging ,easy integration with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter,creating distribution groups,poking your friends with cool icons,sharing your location and contacts in the address book with your friends,message blocking feature to block messages from unwanted users,searching friends in Facebook etc.

8.Simple Group Chat

Simple Group Chat shortly known as SGChat is developed by and is available in English and Chinese. It has a dedicated interface exclusively for iPad. The main features include group chat with the option of adding location info in the message,sharing photos via Facebook or Twitter from the app,sending photos which retain all the meta deta to the group, sending videos to the group ,location service which tells where you are currently located etc .


Bonfyre is developed by Moving Off Campus LLC and is available in many languages like Russian,French,Finnish,Korean Japanese etc. The main features include unlimited private group text messaging,private photo sharing,sharing picture messages in the group,private photo album and gallery,planning for family events etc.


pipeMedia is a group chat developed by colors software and is available in English. The main features include chatting with like minded people in public groups,creating private groups with your friends and having group chat with them, sharing photos,audio,video and maps,sending picture messages to groups,easy integration with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter,private chat with friends, calling your friends using VOIP method thereby reducing phone bills etc.

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