Google Pixel Phone Review – Amazing Phone For The Price!

If you’re looking of an honest review of the Google Pixel phone on the internet today,  you’ll be out of luck. Because, ever since Google revealed the Pixel (earlier today) everyone’s either going goo-goo-ga-ga over it, or bitching it. This is my attempt to write a sensible review. Not taking sides.

Gizmodo, which is a tech website famous for its strong opinions, think that the Google Pixel is probably the smartest phone ever yet! Wow, wait a minute. That sounds too good to be true. The smartest phone! What does that even mean? Does it mean it is better than the iPhone 7?

Is the Google Pixel phone hardware better than other phones?

Google Pixel Review IndiaNo. Almost everyone who has reviewed the phone so far, says that the hardware is pretty much the same as other Android phones. Google Pixel is a 5-inch phone (basic version) with an 820 Snapdragon processor, a 1440 x 2560 display, up to 128GB of storage, and a fingerprint reader on the back. That is very similar or same as other popular Android smartphones, especially from HTC.

Comparing it with the iPhone, the iPhone 7 is far better than the Google Pixel, no doubts. If you booked, the iPhone 7, there’s no need to worry yet.

So, what’s so awesome in Google Pixel?

The software. According to Gizmodo, Google has scored over in the software category with the Google Pixel. And I think that is obvious too. Google is really known for its software. They can roll in a lot of punch bringing together their suite of services easily. And yes, that’s what they’ve done in this phone. But, let’s get some specifics.

Google Assistant – The best assistant so far!

Many experts are reporting that Google’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered assistant is amazing. You can ask it questions, get suggestions and is probably the best AI powered assistant yet (compared to Microsoft’s Cortana & iPhone’s Siri).

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Amazing camera, like really!

Google Pixel’s camera is reported by many as the best ever! Even compared to the iPhone, many experts say that Google Pixel phone’s camera, works really great even in low-light conditions. It is essentially a 12-megapixel Sony IMX378 image sensor with large, 1.55-micron pixels and a fairly wide, f/2.0 lens. But that is not the secret sauce to Google Pixel’s great photos!  It’s the HDR photography. HDR+, a high-dynamic range shooting mode that makes it possible to capture extremely wide and beautiful color, even in very challenging lighting conditions.

iPhone 7 or Google Pixel?

So, the big question everyone’s asking is whether the Google Pixel phone is better than the iPhone 7.

Comparing the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel, is like comparing Apples to Organges. Don’t do it. iPhone 7 is a much advanced machine in terms of hardware and software. Although Google has managed to get some headway ahead of iPhone with the software on Google Pixel. Hardware, not so great! Price, could’ve been lower. But considering Google is bringing out the whole suite of “home” products, and considering there’s so much of interplay between their products, I’m beginning to love Google.

Google Pixel Cost in India?

So, should you buy the Google Pixel in India? You’ll have to wait. Priced at around 60K Rupees, I think it is a good investment, but not everyone will think so.

But I also have to warn that having tried Google’s first Nexus phones, they’re durable, long standing and efficient. Not very fancy like an iPhone.

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