10 Best Girl’s Schools in India

Educating girls were out of question, in India, at a certain period. Gone are those days! Girl’s education is something the Indian government is actively encouraging. Good news is that there are several girls schools in India today. Although, mixed schools are popular, lot of people prefer girl’s only schools and these schools are for them.

In this article, we will look at some of the best schools in India.

Best Girl’s Schools in India

Let’s start with Bangalore.

1. Bishop Cotton Girls School, Bangalore

This institution is considered as one among Asia’s leading academic institutions and has been awarded the International School by the British Council. The institution was established in 1865 and is affiliated to ICSE. The school also offers academic scholarships which makes it helpful for students from lower income backgrounds to afford.

2. J.B.Petit High School for Girls, Mumbai

This institution has also been awarded the International School Award by the British Council. It was established in 1860 and is located in the Fort Area, a busy road in Mumbai. Affiliated to the ICSE, the institution offers education from LKG to Std.X.  This school is highly recommended by the Mumbai Traffic Police.

3. Loreto House School of Girls, Kolkota

Established in 1841, the institution is among the best schools for girls in the country. They are affiliated to the ICSE  and ISC board and offers the best to their students. All curricular activities are encouraged and have a vast ground to support almost all kinds of outdoor games.

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4. Ashok Hall Girl’s higher Secondary School, Kolkota

This is one among the premium education institutions in the country. Established in 1951 and affiliated to the CBSE, this school makes it to the top best schools for girls. There is a separate vocation stream at the evening hours which is co-educational, which is exclusively for class. The higher section and the lower section are situated at two different locations in the city.

5. Welham Girls School, Dehradun

This school was established in 1957 and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The school has a different kind of system to built a team work. They are categorized into five houses and a healthy competitive spirit is bought about in almost all activities in the school. This makes them more enthusiastic about their activities and brings in a goal awareness. There are two separate dormitories for senior and junior girls.

6. Mayo College girls School, Ajmer

This institution is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination which is one of the All India patterns of Secondary education that is recognized by the Indian government. The school was established in 1988 and comprises classes from IV to XII.

7. Shigally Hill International Academy, Dehradun

This institution sees education as building up inner potential of their students. They involve students in using their own innovative ways in activities like community services etc. This institution is affiliated to the ICSE. It also conducts the IGCSE examinations, which is also affiliated to the University of Cambridge, UK.  This institution provides excellent facilities to their students with all modern amenities and makes their stay in all comforts. A complete combination of activities in sports and arts along with regular classes makes this institution, one among the best.

8. Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani

This is a premium school that provides all modern facilities to their students. They make sure that the traditions are up kept along with modern thinking. They also work on the house system where students are divided into six houses and they work as a team in all activities and academics in the school. Clean mess and mess managers are made available , for better food and care of the students.

9. Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

The institution is affiliated to CBSE and was established in 1956. With great teaching facility and well trained teachers, this school provides great education to their students and also has great facilities for co-curricular activities.

10. Sacred Heart High School, Dalhousie

The school was established in 1901and was a residential school for girls alone initially. Gradually boys as day scholars were admitted which was later on taken away and provided as a girls only school. Over the years the school has expanded and now is one among the best schools for girls with all amenities for modern education.

These are some of the top schools exclusively for girls. There are many more, and with the upcoming of exclusive schools, education has become more valued in their lives and girls have proved their caliber in all sectors of life, with the right kind of training, motivation and support.

Hope you got what you were searching for. If not, let me know in comments please.

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  • You forgot La Martiniere for Girls. It’s rated to be the best girls school of India.

  • Thanks! Great blog. I was looking for just this info. I’d like my child to go to a performing British system school but not in England.

  • Hello sir mai bahut garib hu muje school jana hai but mere pass no money to mai Ghar par hu please sir ap Meri helps karo

  • Hi Ami,
    If you want to sponsor children SOS village and World Vision are two organisations through which you can do it.

  • Hi Amy,

    It’s better if you can contact the schools themselves. I’m unaware of any publicly acknowledged programs as such. Hope the list above helps. Do let me know.

  • Hi Mani, thank you for the article. I am searching for all-girls schools in India where I can sponsor a few students who are in need of financial help. Do you know of any reputable schools that have students who would benefit from the financial assistance?

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