Gifts Ideas from USA to India for Parents

American products are known all over the world for their quality and durability. This is why the “Made in USA” tag makes such products so sought-after worldwide. So, if you are travelling from the US to India, don’t bring some all-American gifts for your loved ones. If you are an NRI or a traveler returning to India, here are some great gifting ideas for your parents.

LED Flashlight

This can be a handy and useful gift for your parents, more specifically if they are seniors. These little flashlights can fit into a keyring and are still capable of illuminating the entire room. They are made of high-grade stainless steel and many use Quantum Tunneling Composite Technology. Some of the features are varied brightness levels, water resistance and shock resistance.

Rambler Jacket

For your dad, a winter jacket can be a very useful gift. Rambler jackets are considered a classic and can keep you warm through the coldest winters. It looks good over a shirt or a thick sweater and fits perfectly on all body shapes. The lining of corduroy inside the cuffs, pockets, collar and zip flap helps insulate it and makes the fabric comfortable against the skin.

Couple Watches

US watch brands have some of the most amazing products to offer. You can buy couple watches for your mom and dad that complement each other. Most watches are housed in a stainless-steel case, and even come with crystals such as sapphires, while being water resistant to great depths.

Slim Wallets

You will find a lot of sleek and sturdy men’s wallets in the American market. One of them is the Machine Era TI5 slim wallet. It is a minimalistic card carrier, designed to fit into your pocket easily. Also, it can hold a number of cards along with some cash. Made out of grade 5 titanium, it has RFID protection and the thumb slot can be used as a bottle opener.

Key Holder

Keychains can be tough to handle due to their bulky size. Smart key holders like KeySmart can help store all the important keys in an intelligent S-shaped design. It can hold up to 8 different keys and has a loop for holding key fobs too.

Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen is truly a unique gifting idea due to a number of reasons. It can be used to write in zero gravity, underwater, or at any possible angle. It has a tough outer body and contains a pressurized ink cartridge inside.

Serving Tray

The serving tray from Graf and Lanz can be an elegant addition to your mother’s kitchen. It is made of a combination of genuine leather and soft wool, which makes it look great, while being useful.

Multi Tools

Gerber has built a highly innovative multi-tool that can be the best gift for your father. Its features include a center axis that can be aligned like a normal screwdriver, easy to open sliding jaw, and a number of other efficient tools.

Of course, who better to know what your parents would love than you? So, go ahead and check out functional yet classy gifts that would be cherished by your parents for a long time to come.

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