How To Get A H1 Visa Job in USA from India?

The coasts, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles in the USA are very expensive, yet very attractive when it comes to getting a job and settling down in America. Engineers, programmers, mathematicians and so on, who can have a very highly paid profession, prefer these places; whereas nurses, school teachers, doctors, etc., look for smaller towns that are cheaper to live in and don’t have enough qualified professionals. Similarly, entrepreneurs find smaller towns cheaper.

Researching Cities and Jobs in America

The US has several cities that are far more appealing than others in terms of jobs, lifestyle, affordable housing, cost of living, weather conditions and good healthcare facilities. The choice become more obvious when you have friends or relatives from your country in that area. Narrow down your city choices further using company websites and job search websites, based on your field of expertise in those selected cities, while looking at the pay for your profession.

Job Application in Select Cities

After shortlisting your job choices, create a résumé, personalized for specific positions. Remember, your résumé is a marketing tool that can persuade the employer to invite you for an interview. It should be a short profile of yourself, clearly stating the objectives and/or goals of your career.

Now It’s Time for the Visa

You should know that getting a work visa to the USA will always take several months. Most employees do consulting work with the company in the USA from their home country to create familiarity amongst the authorities. However, it is strongly advised to move to America as a student first on a student visa. Start looking for job when you are done with your education.

Apply for an Appropriate Work Visa

A visa gives you temporary permission to stay in America, whereas a green card allows you to reside permanently in the country. People need to first get a work visa when moving to America for work. After spending a specified time in the US, they can then apply for a green card. Talking of visas, there are many kinds for people who immigrate to work for a company, such as:

  • Specialty Workers, also called an H1B Visa, is designed for immigrants who wish to work in a specialized field, for which many companies would love to sponsor their employees.
  • Temporary Skilled or Unskilled Workers, also known as the H2B visa, this one is for immigrants who want temporary, non-agricultural positions.
  • The Intracompany Transferees, or L1, is meant for immigrants who will be working for a company that has operations in America.
  • Employment-based Preference Visa are for those immigrants who are already employed. This visa needs to be requested for by the employer.

There are special visas for immigrants coming from certain countries, where the E3 Visa is meant for citizens of Australia and the TN Visa is meant for Canadian and Mexican citizens.

When moving to America, a good option would be to rent an apartment for a few months, while being careful of the immigration scams, so that you get the time to decide where you eventually want to be. After some time in your job, you can look into applying for a green card.

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