10,000 primary schools in India will now get free Access to WIFI

This is the time to thank the IT@school project ! You all might be wondering why? Because 10,000 schools in India will be having access to unlimited data, pretty soon! The IT@school project runs in association with the state-owned BSNL. Their aim was to set free WiFi services across schools with a speed of 2 Mbps.

The project will start officially from November 1st,2016 and this project has been providing free services to 5,000 schools and educational offices since 2007. Initially, the project will start facilitating in all Government and aided schools. The teachers and students will be given sufficient training and development on IT from coming Tuesday. Adding to this, the institute also plans to introduce a comprehensive digital content which will be majorly focusing on primary schools.

The educational system will be more vibrant and interesting with an addition of a new book to the curriculum called ” Kalipetti” for the students from class I-IV.

Educational minister C. Raveendranath opined that this would be the onset of ICT  (Information and communication technology) infrastructure upgradations in the primary section, and as a continuation of the high-tech school program announced by the government.

This scheme is being provided for a package of Rs.5,000 per year which includes service tax. This is comparatively the lowest rate in the country for unlimited 2 Mbps scheme. Hopefully, 40% of the installations should complete by the end of December and the project completion date is estimated to by the end of March 2017.

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