20 Foods That Helps Heal Ulcers

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Ulcers are painful, and this is true for both internal and external ulcers. Ulcers that are common in humans include mouth ulcers, peptic ulcers, and gastric ulcer. While there may be different reasons for the cause of ulcers, there is no denying that a patient has to take care of his diet and have foods that can help heal ulcers.

Take a note of the following  20 tips that can help heal ulcers faster. Many of the foods mentioned are good for ulcers, and the rest work well with the modern medicines given to treat ulcer.

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Apples: Ulcers can be treated with fiber rich food like apples. Apples have flavonoids that can reduce the occurrence of ulcer causing bacteria. Apples are always good for health, but with ulcers, even a couple of apples a day can do wonders.

Cranberries: Just like apples, cranberries are equally good for health and can be used during the treatment of peptic ulcers. You can take fresh cranberry juice (avoid the canned ones) twice a day.

Ginger: Another potential herb known to be excellent for avoiding and curing of ulcers.

Garlic: For speeding the recovery process of ulcers, garlic can be really beneficial as they have high content of anti-oxidants that help in keeping the body healthy.

Cabbage: Most people like cabbage for its taste, but not many know that it can help in healing ulcers. Fresh cabbage can be really excellent for recovery from peptic ulcers.

Bread: Ulcer treatment is aided with fiber, and as such, adding some bread to the diet can be good. Look for whole grain breads as they are high on fibers, and you can also use whole grains, as well. Make sure that you take decent amount of fibers each day.

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Sprouts: All kinds of sprouts can be good for healing ulcers, especially bean sprouts. A handful in the morning can start the day right !

Sweet potatoes: The carbohydrate content of sweet potatoes can be worrying but this veggie is good for ulcers.

Almond: Whether in raw form or as oil, almonds can help the process of healing ulcers with modern medicines.

Papaya: Intestinal ulcers can be healed with papaya as the properties work well with medicines combined.

Peanut butter: Don’t go by the label of calories that you see on the can of peanut butter, but Peanut butter is known to be good in ulcer healing. Avoid consuming in bulk and consult your doctor before having them.

Barley: You can use barley in any form for healing ulcers as it is a great source of fiber for the body.

Brown rice: If white rice scares you for the starch and carb content, you can take brown rice that is known to be therapeutic for ulcers.

Spinach: For all kinds of ailments and diseases, spinach is used for aiding the healing process and ulcers are no different.

Fishes: Often red meat is asked to be avoided for ulcers, especially for intestinal ones. However, you can aid the healing process and satisfy your taste buds at the same time with fishes. Just avoid the canned ones and look for fresh fishes.

Bell peppers: Among the varied benefits of bell peppers, they are known to be great for aiding the treatment of ulcers.

Green beans: Excellent for the skin and the body, green beans can be great for healing of ulcers.

Carrots: High in all kinds of nutrients, carrots are evergreen for the diet. Include carrots in diet to get cured of ulcers fast.

Bananas: Another easy to find and inexpensive fruit that can do wonders for the treatment of all kinds of ulcers.

Lean meats: One can take lean meats, provided they are allowed by the doctors. Lean meats can be a great source of protein and can be excellent in certain ulcers for healing.

It is advisable to make the most of the items given above, however, taking advice from doctors is always advisable. Varied ulcers have differential treatment, and anything in bulk is never good for health. Talking to doctors and experts is recommended.

All the best!

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