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How To Find Callers From Unknown Numbers?

Getting calls from an unknown number may annoy and it would be really helpful to know who’s calling. There are a number of websites that assist you with this service and offer to find out the details of such calls. Reverse Cell Phone Lookup websites can help to collect details of name, age, and address from landline or cell phone numbers.

how to find anonymous caller

Some websites offer to provide this service free of cost while some are paid. But there are many scam websites that put in viruses or Trojans once visitors use their service. One has to be careful and make sure that this service is genuine. Let’s take a look at various options available to find anonymous callers.

How to find out the real person behind anonymous calls?

It’s actually easy to look up numbers and find out details about who is calling. By just typing ‘reverse cell phone lookup’ on Google you can get a list of such websites that offer this service. Some sites provide this service free of cost while some charge a nominal fee. You can compare the fees and opt for a website that would be reasonable with the price.

Once you have selected the website type in the phone number. You will be provided the person’s name, street address, and a link to a map showing directions. There are also options like advanced search which help you get more details or even unlisted information too. But these are paid options and would cost you.

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List of websites that offer  reverse lookup services

Here are some of the top websites that offer services to find out unknown callers.


TrueCaller is a free support service that helps to track calls free of cost. Their details are accurate and also comes with spam marking feature. It is more or less like a mobile directory that stores all the cell information of all its TrueCaller users. It is available in all countries and functions on all operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia Asha.

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White Pages get you information like name, address, and map of all international numbers. They also have options to get you information about the cell owner’s age as well as details about neighbors too. For other additional information like background checkup, you would be required to pay fees.

This is another website that gives you information about the name, address, and map of the concerned cell number. Again for advanced searches, you will have to pay a fee.This is owned by Intelius and per statistics, it has over 11 million visitors every month for this website.

This is another reverse lookup website that gets you information about international numbers. You get the name, address, and map of the provided cell number. Details of unlisted numbers are not available but further information about numbers will be required to pay fees.

Spy Dialer

Spy dialer enables users to find out about the caller without having to attend the call. Here you can enter the number on the provided space on the website and a free confidential call will be made to this number. It will be redirected to the concerned person voice mail and as such you get to identify the user.

You can join this website by either sharing your Address book with their site or paying a fee of $9.95.But it is noted that once your address book is shared it cannot be canceled.

With any of these websites, you can easily punch in the anonymous number who called you and look up the contact details of the person behind the number.

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  • Hi karthik!!I am calling a BSNL sim mobile number which belongs to one of my family members, but call is getting diverted to some unknown person and every time I get call from that unknown person.
    I checked in true caller id too, it shows my family member only. How do I resolve this? Please help me.

  • hi karthik..
    am Nivi..two days before i got call from unknown..i dont know there any ways to find who is that person

  • Hi Karthik, This is Roopesh I got a call from +9745XXXXXXX but nobody is speaking while I try to answer. Can I get the detailed address of the number /

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