What is the Easiest Way to Get a USA Visiting Visa?

Although trying to get a US visitor visa might seem like a university exam or even a job interview for many, the fact is that only by providing the most accurate and honest information can you hope for success.

The ease of obtaining of a US visa completely depends on whether you fulfill the various requirements and are not trying to immigrate illegally. Of course, there have been a lot of concerns lately, with the vacillating immigration policies and travel bans that we are seeing under the Trump administration. The vetting process might be tougher now than ever before.

The Trump Administration is granting fewer visas to foreigners wanting to visit the US, with the State Department’s data, analyzed by POLITICO, revealing that as of April 2018, the US had granted 13% fewer visitor visas over the past 12 months as compared to fiscal year 2016. However, Politico also found that the reason for this was not just higher rejections but also fewer visa applications.

President Donald Trump posted on Twitter in 2017 saying, “Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting, NOW. Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world — a horrible mess.”

President Trump signed an executive order on the immigration policy with the aim of keeping terrorists from entering the United States. His policy of “extreme vetting” is expectedly causing more difficulties for many travelers, who feel that the process of visa application has become longer and more rigorous.

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Having said that, the fact is that if you wish to visit the country for totally legal and valid reasons, there is no reason why your visa application should be rejected.

Eligibility for US Visitor Visa

A US visa is issued to overseas nationals interested in visiting the country for the purposes of tourism, visiting a friend or family member or for business. This visa is issued for a maximum of 10 years, depending on your documentation, intent and profile. However, this visa doesn’t allow the visitor to work in US. In addition:

  • He or she should not be involved in any kind of criminal record.
  • The applicant should have an invitation letter from a friend or family member staying in the US, if they intend to stay with them. If not, they need to provide details of the hotel bookings for their stay.
  • The applicant must have the financial resources to support their stay in the US.
  • Applicant should have strong ties with his/her home country.
  • They should not intend to seek a job in the US.

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Application Process

Once you fulfill the eligibility criteria for the visa, you need to fill an application form with all the relevant details and submit it to the nearest US embassy or consulate. You can also submit the form online. After that, pay the visa fee and book and attend the US tourist visa interview. It is your performance at the visa interview that will largely decide whether you will be granted the visa or not.

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The US State Department now requires all US visa applicants to submit their social media usernames, previous and current email addresses and phone numbers, following President Trump’s policy of enhanced vetting of potential immigrants and visitors.

The process of getting a US visitor visa is still easy for genuine applicants. However, the various security checklists can make the process a bit lengthy.

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Hope that was helpful. If you have questions, please ask in comments.

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