10 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

CRM software are a must have for all serious businesses, big or small. With lot of moving parts in your customer relationship management processes, without proper tracking, things can always slip away. Which is where CRM software comes in to the picture. CRM software helps you track your customer relationship management processes all the way through.

There are several players from Insightly to Salesforce depending on your requirement and business processes. For small businesses though, price is a big deciding factor. Luckily, there are lot of new CRM software built exclusively for small businesses who doesn’t want a lot of bells and whistles but a robust solution that will take care of the basic stuff really well.

Here are some of the most popular and reliable CRM software for small businesses.

1. Insightly

CRM Software for Small Businesses

It is one of the leading CRM software present in the software world. It is very useful for small businesses as it is easy, powerful and affordable.

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2. SalesForce

CRM Software for Small Businesses

It is one of the major CRM software companies – not entirely built for small business, but they have a small business/startup option for which you have to apply and they will selectively give access to. SalesForce really knows how to manage customer services by systematically recording and storing data. It can be integrated with social media and can increase sales fast. It provides a service called Chatter that helps you communicate with your team.

3. Netsuite

CRM Software for Small Businesses

This Company provides software that can easily handle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), inventory, order management, CRM and ecommerce. It is easily scalable and gives access to sensitive business data anytime.

4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM Software for Small Businesses

This provides a web service which helps to automate the workflow and enhance the capability of customer service. It can monitor and maintain an ongoing application and can add a user within seconds. This software is affordable and can be bought using different paying options.

5. Sage CRM

CRM Software for Small Businesses

You can use the free trial version of this software to get a clear picture about things that can be done. This software helps you to manage you critical sales and activities of customer services. This software helps you identify the correct people and delivers a customer service of high quality.

6. Oracle CRM on Demand

CRM Software for Small Businesses

This company is one of the leading ERP and Supply Chain Management software makers. It allows the customers to interact with the organization using a channel of their choice like voice call or email.

7. Aprimo

CRM Software for Small Businesses

It is one of the leading software companies producing software for B2C and B2B companies. It helps to take control over marketing activities with the help of streamlined workflows. Their motto is to engage first by creating a reliable customer experience, then lead by bringing change and lastly perform by providing marketing results.

8. Commence

CRM Software for Small Businesses

It is very flexible CRM software. This software helps in pipeline management, sales management, marketing management, project management and it can be integrated with Google apps. Using this software can really help to increase your sales and can help in brand recognition. It manages the sales cycle of a business really well.

9. Desk CRM

CRM Software for Small Businesses

This CRM Software is a 3-in-1 software which equally acts a helpdesk, social CRM software and as a customer support. The pricing is flexible so that the whole business  be supported. It can integrate with social media like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. It has a reliable complaint tracking system and a helpdesk for customer support.

10. Zoho CRM

CRM Software for Small Businesses

It is a web based CRM Software and can be integrated with MS office, Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps. It provides a safe platform for data. It saves a lot of current CRM costs and is easy to use. You can create task workflows using this software.

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