10 Free Apps To Make Your Own Website

Making a website on your own is easy today. Thanks to all the free website creation tools available online, things have become easy as drag and drop. There are plenty of apps and tools available out there that will help you make your own website easily. From music websites to e-commerce websites to sell stuff online. There are tools that will pretty much do everything from designing to e-commerce payment gateway integration with an easy click – or a few! Here are some interesting ones!

Make your own website free with these apps

Let’s start with the most popular tools.

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1. Wix

Wix is one of the popular app for creating your own website. The main features of the app include over 100 beautiful designs,drag and drop website builder,dedicated & reliable hosting,personal domain with own web address,free content including pictures,fonts,music,menus etc,online customer report,more storage & bandwidth,support for mobile version,integration with social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter etc.

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2. Ucoz

Ucoz is a free website builder and the main features of the app include over 200 default templates with option for customization,personal domain with own web address,unlimited disk space,modern CMS,data backup,integration with popular web services like YouTube,Google Maps,managing domain settings,changing website design,activating and deleting website modules,user access permissions,data protection,anti spam etc.


3. Weebly

Weebly is used to create any type of website like a blog,online store or content based etc. The main features of the app include powerful site creator,modern & unique themes,reliable cloud hosting,built in site analytics,publishing your site in a single click,tips for making the site to get high rank,contact forms,integration to social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter etc,full site search,search engine optimization etc.

4. Yola

Yola is an award winning site builder used for creating professional websites every easily. The main features of the app include customizable templates,CSS editor,flexible page layouts,drap & drop widgets,search engine optimization,simple site organization,custom domain name,personalized email with the domain name,email marketing,Google Adwords,Facebook credits,sharing with social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,Cloud based hosting,DDos Protection,various hosting packages,customer mailing list,Google maps,site statistics etc.

5. Homestead

Homestead is a popular site builder for creating your own website in minutes. The main features of the app include choosing from over 100 templates with option for customization,image gallery with over 200,000 images,personalized domain name and email address,Google Maps,Local Maps,custom menus with add,remove or modify option,guestbooks,online forms,integration with Facebook,conducting online polls,sharing YouTube videos etc.

6. Squarespace

Squarespace is a simple but powerful app for creating your website. The main features of the app include templates for creating content types like blog,online store or a pages,free personal domain,customizable content layouts,custom CSS,built in image editor,style editor for personalizing layouts,colors and fonts,traffic analytics of the site,search engine optimization,reliable and scalable cloud hosting & infrastructure,user data collection,site control,multiple access levels etc.

7. Moonfruit

Moonfruit is used to develop a HTML based website easily. The main features of the app include a wide range of templates,drag and drop editor with backgrounds,fonts and images to choose from,custom CSS,search engine optimization,sharing with social networking sites like Facebook,twitter,free personal domain name,images library,Google Adwords vouchers,more disk space etc.

8. Jimdo

Jimdo is a popular app for creating your own website. The main features of the app include choosing from over 100 layouts with option for customization,image gallery,adding web content like images,texts,videos etc with a single click,search engine optimization,personal domain name and email address,complete hosting of the website with more space and bandwidth,password protection,traffic analytics of the site,newsletter system,customization for mobile view etc.

9. Virb

Virb is a simple app for creating your own website in minutes. The main features of the app include customizable themes with elegant design,building and managing the pages,setting site passwords,adding content to the website like images,contacts,links,menu,videos etc,reliable and secure cloud hosting,integration with Google tools,unlimited content or bandwidth, personal domain name and email address,integration with social networking sites like Facebook,search engine optimization etc.

10. Beep

Beep is a popular app for creating your website very easily. The main features of the app include choosing one from over 200 design templates,CSS or HTML editor,free personal domain name and email address,beep editor for adding text,photos,videos etc,inserting widgets,password protection for the site,creating contact forms,order forms etc,search engine optimization,reliable and secure hosting with DoS protection,optimization for mobile view etc.

So, there you have it. All the free apps available online to make your own website. What kind of website were you trying to make? What did you have in mind? Let me know.

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  • Thank you for this amazing list of website builders, Mani!
    I’d also recommend Pixpa. Though its not free, but is definitely one of the easiest platforms I’ve worked with.
    I have recently shifted there and haven’t really tried their pro features, but would definitely recommend the website builder based on my personal experience.

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