How to Attend B2 Visa Interview

The United States is known to be strict with granting entry to foreign nationals. However, a visit visa is not as hard to acquire as you might imagine. According to the US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, of the total number of Indians who travelled to the United States in May 2017, maximum were those traveling on a B1 or B2 visa. So, you may not have a lot to worry about, although it is important to crack the interview to get your visa.

Tips for attending B2 Visa Interview

Here are some tips for attending & winning the B2 visa interview.

Prepare well

Go through your employer’s website and be thorough with all the information that you may require. Understand the project you are being sent for and be clear of your role in it. You can look at frequently asked questions in a B2 visa interview and be prepared with answers to those.

Keep all your documents handy

Carry a copy or two of all the documents you need for this interview. These include:

  • Your current valid passport, along with all old ones.
  • A confirmation of your form DS-160, submitted online with CEAC bar code.
  • Your visa fee receipt.
  • The visa interview appointment letter.
  • A letter from your employer, that clearly states your position, salary and duration of your stay in the US for the job.
  • Proof of property owned by you, that will assure that you have ties to your home country and will return, once you’ve served your purpose in the United States.

The US government does not have a prescribed list of documents to carry to a visa interview. However, you must carry all documents that make your candidature stronger. Read more about what all you can carry here.

Give precise and concise answers

Ask for help and practice with mock interviews. This will help you prepare short and informative answers, and keep them ready when facing the real interview. It is important to keep the answers to the point, if you say too much, you might end up saying something that could go against you. Also, it lowers the chances of making errors while speaking English, which might make them doubt your ability to communicate in the United States.

Do not indicate that you plan on immigrating

All your documents and answers should be in support of the fact that you are going to the United States on business and do not plan to immigrate. The purpose of your visit should be a short-term work assignment and not seeking employment, make sure the officials interviewing understand this. Provide supporting documents that indicate that your interest lies in returning to your home country and that you will not be overstaying your visa.

Along with all the above tips, keep in mind that confidence in your candidature is also key to cracking any interview. You need to believe that you have a strong profile and should be granted a visa, in order for the officials to believe it too. To avoid making any mistakes due to nervousness, read these 10 common interview mistakes.

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