CoverAmerica Gold Review – Are Customers Happy? (The Truth)


Choosing a travel insurance plan before your trip is confusing – admit it. I mean, look at all the different options out there.

Limited coverage, comprehensive coverage, covering pre existing conditions, PPO network or otherwise…one is sure to get intimidated by all the options that gets thrown at you. But worry not.

I’ve been keeping track of some of the best travel insurance plans out there, comparing and recommending them to my friends who are visiting USA. (Even tips on how to choose a good plan).

Still, many email me or ask in the WhatsApp groups (we have an NRI group) which plan to go for. Most of the time, they’re looking for a travel insurance plan for their parents or relatives/friends who are visiting US.

My recommendation to them is to go with Atlas America or Patriot America Plus which is one of the best travel insurance plans for visitors to US.

But one plan, that people want to know the truth about is CoverAmerica Gold. There is way too much information (and misinformation) about it.

Let us find out the truth today.

So, this plan was launched on December 5th, 2017 as an exclusive plan by VisitorsCoverage, a travel insurance company.

I had seen the press release by this company and after reading it, was very impressed. It looked great, and appeared to be the best plan there could have been. I wrote this blog post praising about it.

Until one day I got an email from the company mentioning that there were changes being made to the plan. Here is the email.

CoverAmerica Gold Changes

So essentially, this plan changed under the hood on two main points.

  • The underwriters changed to “Crum & Forster” from “Lloyd’s of London”.
  • Price increased for age groups 50+ (this was the group this plan appealed to)

After a few months, I got another email. Guess what? There were more changes.

  • Urgent Care Co-pay changed to $25 (from $30) for $50,000 policy maximum.
  • Border entry protection changed from $400 to $550

This plan was launched as an exclusive plan from VisitorsCoverage in collaboration with SevenCorners.

I checked with SevenCorners and their representative said that they are unsure of this plan still exists. And they recommended another plan, directly from them. Here’s the email.

CoverAmerica Gold Reviews Changes to Plan

At this point, it looks like something is going on with this plan. It sure looked amazing on paper, when it was launched first.

But things have sure changed since. And I read some reviews about CoverAmerica Gold, which were concerning.

And to this day I get emails from folks asking about why I talked so highly about this plan when clearly Patriot America Plus and Atlas America, were better plans. (Look at this thread on Quora, where CoverAmerica Gold and Atlas America is compared.)

CoverAmerica Gold Customer Review

Let’s look at its features.

CoverAmerica Gold Features

  • Cover America Gold is a comprehensive travel insurance plan for folks visiting USA from their home countries.
  • It offers coverage from 5 days to 364 days and is renewable or cancellable anytime online.
  • It offers a very cheap co-pay for emergency consultation – only $25!
  • It’s best suited for elders traveling to USA, although it’s a good fit for others as well.
  • Probably the best travel insurance plan that pays 100% coverage after the deductible is satisfied.
  • Cover America Gold also covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions and offers coverage for seniors up to 79 years old.
  • Cover America Gold offers coverage for emergency dental treatment and eye exams.
  • It offers easy and affordable access to urgent care.
  • Cover America Gold offers probably the most widest PPO network.
  • It covers border entry protection if travelers is denied entry.
  • It also offers coverage for missed connections (during travel), loss of passport or travel documents, amusement park coverage and cruise coverage.

Cover America Gold Reviews & Price

On paper, I think it’s a well balanced plan that offers the best medical coverage (cutting off all the unnecessary frills) with even a good travel insurance coverage (loss of passport etc).

Here is a sample pricing for CoverAmerica Gold.

CoverAmerica Gold Pricing

For a chosen deductible of $250 and a policy limit of $1M, the policy for a 39-year-old person, for six months would cost $462.06.

For Patriot America Plus, the same plan would cost $487. For $25, there’s a huge loss of value and compromise!


CoverAmerica Gold is an excellent plan on paper. But there are better plans offering more benefits and protection than CoverAmerica Gold.

Folks who have bought or considered buying this plan have raised concerns about it. There is also misinformation about it on the website (wrong underwriter company name, features being changed under the hood etc)

Those considering buying CoverAmerica Gold might want to consider the risks involved in buying such a plan. As a safer bet, opt to buy it from top-rated, market-leading companies like IMG global directly.

Here are some of the best alternatives to CoverAmerica Gold.

Is CoverAmerica Gold the best travel insurance plan?

No. There are better plans out there like Patriot America Plus or Safe Travels USA. Though the plan looks good on paper, there are risks involved in buying this plan.

What is the copay for urgent care in CoverAmerica Gold?

CoverAmerica Gold offers urgent care emergency consultation co-pay of just $25.

What are the treatment charges in CoverAmerica Gold?

Traveling Inside the United States
For treatment received within the PPO network: after you pay the deductible, the plan pays 100% to the selected medical maximum.
For Treatment received outside the PPO network: after you pay the deductible, the plan pays 80% of the next $5,000 of eligible expenses, then 100% to the selected medical maximum.

Traveling Outside the United States

After you pay the deductible: the plan pays 100% to the selected medical maximum.

Does CoverAmerica Gold cover eye tests?

Yes. In this plan, visitors are covered for an eye exam to obtain prescription corrective lenses if they are lost or damaged during your trip.

Do CoverAmerica Gold Cover Pre-existing conditions?

Yes. But with conditions as mentioned below.

  • Non-U.S. citizens only.
  • For those up to age 69, plan will pay up to the policy maximum chosen, or maximum up to $125,000 if policy maximum is above $100,000 for eligible medical expenses.
  • For Cardiac Conditions & Stroke, the plan would cover up to $36,000. For those age 70 – 79, plan will pay up to $30,000 lifetime maximum.
  • Optional $20,000 can be purchased with additional premium.
  • For Cardiac Care & Stroke, the plan covers maximum of $30,000.
  • The optional coverage does not add coverage to Cardiac Care & Stroke.
  • Age 80 and above no coverage.
  • The acute onset for pre-existing condition coverage starts 48 hours, after the policy becomes effective.

Got questions about CoverAmerica? Please ask in comments.

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