10 Best Email Marketing Software for Startups

Email Marketing is one of the cheapest and efficient way of marketing online. With customers now using different platforms to access email, email marketing software have evolved and stepped up their games to offer better tools and services than ever before. Features like free responsive templates, free users, email testing and smart automation are now just the normal rule. Here are ten such amazing free email marketing software, that will help you take care of your email marketing efforts.

Top Email Marketing Software

The most popular email marketing software is MailChimp.

1. Mailchimp (Free for 2000 users)

Mailchimp is one of the popular app for email marketing and is developed by The Rocket Science Group LLC. The main features include predesigned and user defined email templates, drag and drop editor for designing templates,email beamer, integration with around 100 other apps and services like Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, Google, WordPress etc, multi user accounts with different levels of access, designing custom signup forms, classify different segmentation and groups,autoresponders,delivery by time zone,spam filter diagnostics,API for syncing with existing customer databases etc.

2.Constant Contact ($20/month)

Constant Contact app is developed by the company Constant Contact Inc. The main features include creating and editing newsletters, scheduling the newsletter for delivery, tracking progress of the email campaigns by finding who has opened the mail and read or forwarding it, importing new contacts and managing it, special templates for designing newsletter, multiple accounts,knowing the details of bounced emails, integration with Facebook and Twitter, real time reports for tracking your campaign etc.

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3. SendGrid ($9.95/month)

SendGrid app is developed by the company SendGrid and it is more than app for sending marketing emails as it completely handles all the tasks related to email marketing. The main features of the app include creating and managing marketing emails, recipients, sender addresses, email tags etc, templates for sending emails, bypass list management,return path seedlist, spam checker, address whitelisting,tracking the status of the email campaign etc. It helps the companies save money.

4. Benchmark Email (Free for 2,000 users)

Benchmark Email app is developed by the company Benchmark Internet Group. The main features of the app include dedicated email server for volume senders, more than 400 customizable email templates, creating and sending professional newsletters, managing and organizing contact list, analyzing and creating reports for the email campaigns, autoresponders, great looking signup forms, gathering data with surveys, email delivery management etc.

5. Campaign Monitor ($9/month)

Campaign Monitor app is a popular app for email marketing. The main features include designing attractive emails using template builder, advanced editor for adding text, links and images easily,importing any content from the web to the newsletter, inline CSS,templates optimized for both desktop and mobile clients, tracking the results of the campaign, integrating with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, emails are optimized for mobile etc.

6. Stream Send ($19.90/month)

Stream Send is developed by StreamSend Email Marketing Inc. The main features include creating and sending newsletters quickly and securely, more than 100 professional email templates, built in SPAM compliance, tracking the email campaigns, no hidden costs and yearly contracts, integration with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, supports both low and high volume senders etc.

7. AWeber ($19/month)

AWeber app is developed by AWeber Communications. The main features include creating and sending professional marketing newsletters, great looking signup forms, creating and managing segment of subscribers, autoresponder, over 600 email templates, tracking email campaigns, integration with third party applications, creating emails automatically from your blog posts, email deliverability rate, templates for signup forms etc.

8. MailerLite (Free for 1,000 users)

MailerLite is an affordable app for email marketing. The main features include creating and sending professional newsletters using drag and drop editor, mobile friendly newsletters, managing subscribers by segmenting them, tracking the email campaigns and generating reports, comprehensive list management etc. The app is so simple even a person without knowledge in HTML or design skills can use it.

9. iContact ($14/month)

iContact email marketing app is developed by iContact LLC. The main features include creating and sending newsletters using easy-to-use tools,over 100 well designed email templates,simple message builder for adding text, links, images etc, messagecoder for HTML pro,spam checker, adding signup forms, tracking the email campaigns and newsletters, accurate delivery of the mail, autoresponders, hosting images, archiving messages, split testing, generating reports from email campaigns, integration with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

10. dotMailer

dotMailer app is developed by dotDigitalGroup PLC. The main features include creating and sending newsletters using drag and drop campaign editor,adding dynamic content to the campaign, optimizing templates for mobile, personalizing the content of the email, embedding online surveys with the campaign, adding trackable buttons for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, landing page builder, editing HTML code in the templates and customizing it, tracking the email campaigns and creating reports based on them etc. Pricing structures are available for small as well as medium businesses.

Which email marketing software are you using? Do you know of any better email marketing tools other than what is mentioned above? Let me know in comments please.

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