Citibank Cashback Credit Card Review

Citibank Cashback Card Review

We all love Citibank right? For those of you who have used their credit cards, you know the benefits (and those charges!). Well, Citibank has come out with an excellent credit card that assures its customers a good number of cash back benefits. This card is made for just people who need and use a lot of cash back option. It’s easy to avail and the bank has a good reputation for credit cards with lot of features. You can spend using this card and be assured of gaining cash back options on all your transactions. Good thing is that the redemption process is pretty easy and customers do not have to go through hassle process for its receipt. This card has worldwide acceptance and can give you privileges in dining, shopping and many other options too. So spend and save as you use the Citibank Cashback Card. Let’s check out the benefits and eligibility to get this card and also review of it’s pros and cons.


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Citibank Cashback Credit Card Benefits

– Make all your expenses using Citibank Cashback Card and save while you spend

– Earn 5% cash back on all booking tickets.

– Make 5% cashback on all telephone bill payments.

– Citibank Online Bill pay allows you to make bill payments and gives you 5% cashback on utility bill payments with a minimum payment criteria of 100 per month.

MK Money Tips

– Cash back redemption is done in multiples of 500 which is will be shown in the monthly statement.

– Avail 20% discount on dining from all restaurants.

– You can also avail some additional services like instant loans, easy payment and balance transfer options using this card.

– You needn’t worry about high bills on your credit card. You can choose to EMI option to make payment in easy monthly installments.

– Online banking, SMS and phone banking services gives you the benefit of checking your balance without having to visit the branch.

Eligibility for Citibank Cashback Card

The minimum age of primary cardholder should be 21 and supplementary cardholder should be 18.

Documentation Required

ID proof and address proof.
PAN card, salary slips.
One passport size photograph.

Citibank Cashback Card Fees

Annual Charge  Rs. 500
Interest  2.50% per month
Annual Interest  30%

Citibank Cashback Card – Pros

– The Citibank Cash Credit Card gives its users the advantage of earning cash points on every purchases.

– This credit card has privileges from booking tickets, dining, bill payment and more.

– The annual charge of Rs 500 is pretty reasonable and the benefits received from it makes it a profitable choice.

– The card can be opted by all above 18 years of age so it’s easily accessible to all.

– The EMI options makes it affordable for all and the credit amount can be paid off in monthly easy installments.

– The redemption process is easy.

Citibank Cashback Card – Cons

The interest rate for this card is 2.5% per month and 30% per annum. The rate is slightly high and calculating the interest annually amounts to a huge total. Redemption can be done in multiples of 500 which requires continuous monitoring and calculations.

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