Vodafone Becomes the Cheapest Mobile Internet in India

After about six months launching their 4G internet, Vodafone slashes it’s rates to a whopping 40% of it’s current rates making it the cheapest internet provider in the country.

Vodafone’s New Internet Plans – Cheapest in India

With the new 4G tariff plan, customers will get 4 GB of data for Rs 250 and 22 GB for Rs 999 monthly.

That is about half the price of what’s offered by other internet providers in the market today. The current Vodafone data plan in the market is 2 GB for Rs 250 and 10 GB for Rs 999.

Vodafone v/s Jio

Vodafone’s new prices are cheaper than what Jio is offering now.  Jio is offering only 10 GB for Rs 999 and 20 GB for Rs 1,500. Vodafone is offering 22 GB at Rs.999.

Vodafone is trying to woo it’s existing customers to stay with them and not switch to others. This is good strategy as companies like AirTel and BSNL have recently come up with extremely enticing offers.

Like I’ve said before, more competition is always good in this segment. It only means that prices go down and it’s beneficial to end use customers like us. With BSNL rolling out it’s 4G services in 2017 mid, there’s more to this story that’ll surprise us.

Hang in there and enjoy the show! More details on all the latest internet plan updates here.

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