16 Easy signs to tell if your boss is an idiot!

We all have our bosses.

Whether you have a flat structure or not, there’s always someone who’ll be “managing” you. Lucky are those among you, who have a great boss.

Not all are lucky though. And, here are 16 signals to watch out for.

1. He calls you on your day off.

2. He is exceptionally good at finding mistakes in your spreadsheets.

3. You keep wondering “why me?” during conversations.


4. His email replies are really short.


5. He picks on you at group meetings.


6. He looks for you at 7.30 pm, in the office.


7. He blames you for his mistakes.


8. He takes pleasure in praising himself, all the time.


9. He organizes parties at places HE prefers.


10. Its a ‘One on One’, but only he’s talking.


11. He shows up at your cubicle, awkwardly often.


12. He always praises his favorite guy. Never you.


13. You wake up in the morning and wish if it wasn’t a weekday.


14. Performance reviews ends up in a group huddle.


15. People get fired all the time for untold reasons.


16. He adds you on Facebook.


If you nodded yes to most of them, well…here’s wishing you all the best!

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