5 Best Websites to Import Electronic Gadgets from China

For decades now, India has been importing high margin and high growth products from China. According to data published by Trading Economics, from 1991 to 2017, the imports from China to India averaged ₹92.92 billion per year. In September 2015, these imports touched an all-time high of a whopping ₹407.49 billion.

Electronics, machinery such as engines and pumps, organic chemicals, fertilizers, iron and steel are only some of the major commodities exported from China to India. In recent years, Chinese electronics have been gaining popularity in India. As a result, you can now choose from various websites from where you can buy electronic gadgets and other goods and import them to India.

However, be careful. Not all these websites are genuine. I would strongly recommend that you only buy from reputed sites to avoid falling prey to fraud. To help you with the process, I have created a list of five reputed websites to buy cheap electronic goods from China, while sitting at home in India.

5 Websites to Buy Electronic Goods from China


Alibaba is a leading ecommerce platform for global wholesale trade that needs no introduction. At, you’ll get to choose from more than 14,000 electronic gadgets, including speakers, power banks and earphones. The website is highly popular for its wide range of products, available at affordable prices.


With the astonishing growth of online sales, more and more retailers want to import from China and sell online, particularly on Amazon and eBay. For sellers, eBay is a highly price competitive market, with skinnier margins for Chinese goods. The ultimate profit is extended to the buyer, who gets the electronic goods at the cheapest rates.

Global Sources

Global Sources is an online marketplace that offers customers the best quality online and offline sourcing. It gives you all the benefits of a trade show, without actually having to attend the trade show. Global Sources is one of the best destinations to buy computer systems and peripherals, communication products and gaming products.

MK India Reading

Made In China

Made in China is an amazing online platform that connects buyers from across the globe to Chinese suppliers. On the website, you can discover a large selection of electronic components, electrical equipment and electrical engineering products. On every request that you make, you will receive multiple quotes. In the electricals and electronics category, more than 70,000 quotations have been offered on more than 15,000 sourcing requests already.


TOMTOP is a reliable Chinese website that offers a straightforward ordering process. The goods are available at a reasonable price and are delivered at the promised time. First time users may find this website a bit cluttered. The customer service is great though. The officials at TOMTOP keep the customer informed about the status of their order, which is also very helpful.

Other than these five options, there are some more trustworthy websites, such as Banggood, Gearbest and DX, that are worth giving a shot. However, I would recommend you read the customer reviews before making a final choice.

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  • They didn’t pay me anything. You having a bad experience does not mean it will be the same for all. Not saying that they have a great experience all the time but please understand that for any website small or big, there will be mixed reviews and that does not necessarily mean that it will be a standard for everyone.

  • How much did Tomtop pay you to feature them positively here? It’s the most horrible online store I have come across! Had the worst experience with them. I sincerely hope that you are personally ordering from the above mentioned websites before throwing so much of positive light on them!

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