5 Best Travel Insurance Plans Covering Pre Existing Conditions

Let’s talk something interesting today – Travel insurance for pre-existing conditions!

You’re looking for a visitor’s insurance and just realized that not all travel/visitor’s insurance will cover pre-existing conditions. What do you do? Well, luckily there are a few visitor’s insurance plans that do cover pre existing conditions. In this article, I’ll talk about some of the best visitor’s insurance plans for those with pre existing conditions.

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But first, let’s get some details right.

What is a pre-existing condition as defined by insurance companies?

Many think that any condition that existed before you took the policy is categorized as a pre-existing condition. Not entirely.

A loose definition of “pre-existing condition” as defined by insurance companies is…

“Any medical condition a person might have been diagnosed with, or had any treatment for, or is taking any medication prior to the start date of the insurance.”

Now, that’s a very generic definition. It doesn’t clearly define what pre-existing conditions are covered or how long should one have been diagnosed in order to qualify as a pre-existing condition.

10 Best Travel Insurance Plans For Parents Visiting USA

Acute on-set of pre-existing conditions – What does it mean?

This is yet another insurance jargon you have to learn as you’ll see it repeating often in insurance plan details. What it means though, is an immediate return of a pre-existing disease. For example, an immediate return of Asthma after you enter USA. If a plan covers acute on-set of pre-existing conditions, then it should be able to cover the treatment.

Which visitor’s insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions?

Good question. In my experience, most of the travel insurance plans don’t cover any of the pre-existing ailments. For example, if you were previously diagnosed with a heart disease, then you won’t be covered for heart related illness in most of the visitor’s insurance plans. However, there are a few insurance plans that do cover the basics with riders. Let’s check.

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1. Choice America

Choice America is a limited coverage plan that offers basic coverage for some eligible pre existing conditions. It’s not the most amazing visitor’s insurance plan out there but offers a lot of flexibilities and is one of the best in it’s category. It offers a lot of essential benefits for those with ore-existing conditions. You have to ensure that your pre-existing condition is listed in their eligible list of conditions, that’s all.

ChoiceAmerica Features

  • Basic coverage, low cost, less benefits (Review limits)
  • Limited Pre-Ex conditions Coverage | Limited Dental and Vision coverage
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Amusement Park Coverage | Cruise Coverage | Loss of passport | Border Entry Protection coverage
  • No PPO network, visit any doctor
  • Renewable and Cancelable
  • Not available for the residents of Maryland (MD)

2. Atlas America

This is a percentage based comprehensive plan. It has a pretty good coverage of unexpected sicknesses and injuries within USA and Canada. With this plan, you can go to any hospital or doctor of your choice however for better provider rates, it is recommended to go to a Doctor within the PPO network.

3. Liaison International

This is a comprehensive coverage plan and under this insurance plan, any non-US citizen above the age of 70 years are covered for an Acute on-set of Pre-existing medical condition and coverage is available for up to $15,000 for eligible cases.

4. Visitor Secure

Visitor Secure is a basic, cost-effective travelers medical insurance plan that provides pre-defined coverage benefits for each medical service. You may visit any doctor or hospital of your choice under this plan.

How to get insured for pre-existing medical conditions

Like I mentioned earlier, any medical condition that existed before taking a policy is considered (mostly) as a pre-existing medical condition. Most eligible pre-existing conditions can be linked with visitor’s policies in the following ways.

  1. By providing a health history form – When you take a new insurance policy, provide a health history form (usually provided by the company) that lists down every ailment you had previously.
  2. Taking a Doctor’s opinion – During consultation, let the Doctor know of your health record and history so that he can report it to the insurance company.
  3. Lab results – After your treatment the Doctor will send the lab results along with “Doctor’s notes” to the insurance company. At this time, the Doctor will share your pre-existing condition details to the company, if you had communicated it properly.
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Summary – Getting visitor’s insurance for a pre-existing condition isn’t difficult. Yes, it’s a fact that many insurers do not cover pre-existing conditions but luckily there are insurance companies that provide insurance for most established pre-existing conditions. Whats important is to choose a travel insurance plan that offers cover for pre-existing conditions and ensuring that your conditions are included in the eligible list.

If you are looking for visitor’s insurance for parents traveling to USA, here are your best options.

Disclaimer: Above mentioned information is for research purposes only and should be verified for accuracy with the respective providers mentioned.

Got questions? Please ask in comments.

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