9 Best Travel Insurance Plans For Parents Visiting USA

Best travel insurance plans for visiting parents to USA Ever since I moved to the USA, I always wanted to bring my parents to this country. Imagine the feeling seeing your mom and dad enjoy like kids traveling in US and you overlooking them, just like how they would, when you played in your childhood! Amazing, isn’t it? Well I decided to bring my parents to US on a visitors visa. Based on my experience, here’s what I learned.

Medical cost in US is alarmingly expensive compared to that of India. Don’t make the mistake of not getting a visitor’s insurance and ending up spending thousands of Dollars for a small medical issue. Get a good plan and protect you and your parents from all hassles!

Now bringing your parents is not easy (at least for the first time). I’ve heard from my friends that they have spent days and nights filling up the Visa application online, sorting between passport, documents etc. It was a painful experience going through all the process and finally getting a visitor’s visa.

If your parents are visiting USA or if you’re coming to USA on a student or travel visa (or any other legal ways you are entering USA) you will need a traveler’s medical insurance. It’s not a must but very recommended. In this article, I’ll discuss about which travel insurance plans you need to buy for your parents when visiting USA. (Also read: Tips to buy the best travel insurance)

Which are the best travel insurance plans for parents?

Here are some of the best travel insurance for parents visiting USA…

Detailed review of each plan is given below. Please review each plan, their features and comparisons before making a decision.

To help others bringing their parents to USA, I have written in-depth articles on the entire process.
Here are a few that I strongly recommend you check out.

1. CoverAmerica Gold

This plan was recently launched on December 5th 2017 and has easily become my favorite recommendation. The reason? It’s gotten rid of all the unnecessary frills that comes with most travel insurance plans and offers just the right features needed for elderly folks. It comes with a great coverage (100% payment after deductible), emergency and urgent care, cheaper co-pay, extensive PPO network, dental and eye urgent care, up to 79 years coverage, acute on-set of pre-existing conditions coverage, amusement park/cruise cover etc.

More Details


  •  Coverage from 5 days to 364 days
  • Urgent care consultation co-pay only $30
  • Up to $125,000 coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Most extensive PPO network
  • Renew or cancel anytime online
  • Covers during international travel
  • Offers free Rx discount card
  • Offers unique features and benefits (Amusement park, cruise coverage etc)

Read in-depth review of ChoiceAmerica Gold here.

2. Patriot America Plus Traveler’s Insurance

This plan from International Medical Group is a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan for non-U.S. citizens who are traveling abroad. The plan is intended to offer a complete package of international benefits available 24 hours a day to every individuals, families or groups of five or more travelers.

More Details


  • Offers comprehensive coverage. (See difference between comprehensive & limited coverage)
  • Premium is affordable.
  • Pre-existing condition coverage available up to selected policy maximum.
  • Offers access to PPO network.
  • Deductible should be satisfied only once per policy period.
  • Can renew, cancel or refund online.

Also read: In-depth review of Patriot America Plus Travel Insurance


  • For travelers over 80 years of age, there’s a max limit of $10,000.
  • Can renew only if bought for minimum 1 month coverage.
  • There’s a $50 cancellation fee.
  • Pre-certification for certain medical treatments is required or else, there’s a 50% reduction in benefits.

More Details Here.

3. ChoiceAmerica Travel Insurance

I’ve heard about this plan from my friend who recently brought her elderly parents to USA on a short visit. She chose this plan because it was a short term plan and didn’t come with unnecessary features that she wouldn’t use. ChoiceAmerica is a limited coverage travel insurance plan that is primarily built for parents visiting USA (mainly from the Indian sub-continent).

It has features like coverage for common pre-existing conditions even for occurrence during visit (not acute on-set). Also it covers against injury from amusement parks and adventure trips. Looks like a lot of thought has gone into making this insurance policy and it just works best for elderly parents traveling to USA. Read my in-depth review of ChoiceAmerica travel insurance here.

More Details


  • Limited coverage plan, that offers just the features needed for a short trip.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions (selected few common ones) normal occurrence (not just acute on-set)
  • Low cost.
  • Covers injuries from adventure treks, amusement parks etc.
  • Elaborate PPO network.
  • Good travel insurance plan for parents visiting USA.


  • Insurer’s maximum age requirement is 74 years.

More details here.

4. Liaison Continent International

Provides an extensive network of providers and 24 hours travel assistance. This is a comprehensive coverage travel insurance plan, but low-cost in premiums. It covers pre-existing conditions (acute on-set), loss due to terrorism and natural disasters.

More Details


  • Comprehensive coverage plan. (See difference between comprehensive & limited coverage)
  • Affordable low-cost premiums.
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered (acute onset, selected conditions).
  • Offers access to PPO network.
  • Can renew, cancel or refund online.


  • Maximum coverage is only for up to 187 days.

More details here.

5. Atlas America / India Traveler’s Insurance

I have heard a lot about this company and recently my friend had opted for Atlas America’s medical coverage plan for her parents who were visiting them. New immigrants, business travelers, students, short visits – whatever is the reason for your travel, they have an insurance plan for you. Atlas Travel helps  protect  you from most potential disasters and even offers emergency  medical evacuation, coverage for lost of baggage and a bunch of packages! Choose from the list wisely, what you need.

More Details

Details here.

6. Tata AIG – Travel Guard Travel Insurance – Available in the USA

Travel guard offers a plethora of plans starting from basic plan to the most comprehensive coverage called Platinum. PS: Any travel insurance plan can cost you between 4-8% of the total trip cost. My research is done under an assumption that the trip cost is between $4000-$4500.

More details here.

7. Geico Travel Insurance: Available in the USA

GEICO’s travel insurance plans are divided into two categories: ExactCare and AirCare

Features of ExactCare traveler insurance:

– Trip cancellation or interruption
– Emergency medical/dental coverage
– Baggage loss/delay
– Travel delay
– Missed connections
– Emergency medical transportation

Features of AirCare  includes

– Flight cancellation for domestic or international flights
– Missed connections for domestic flights
– Flight or tarmac delays
– Lost or delayed luggage

Official website and details here.

8. HDFC ERGO: Available in India

Advantages of choosing HDFC ERGO travel insurance:

– You can avail your insurance online and if you are a HDFC account holder, then the process even simpler with netbanking. There is no need for medical checkups or complicated documentation.
– You can avail travel insurance for a trip as short as 1-4 days.

Official website and details here.

9. ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance: Available in India

Key benefits of this policy is that no medical test is  required up to 85 years of age and cashless hospitalization facility is available worldwide. You may avail your insurance for 180 days but you can sure extend for another 180 days. ICICI Lombard’s travel insurance can give you coverage for total loss of checked in baggage including handbags.

In-depth review hereOfficial website and details here.

Most of the airline industry also provides their own independent travel insurance coverage Most recently when my parents were travelling within India, the Jet Airways offered them their travel insurance coverage called Jet Protect for insuring their belongings and the domestic flight journey. Tata AIG’s Travel Guard is the plan through which Qatar and Emirates insure their traveler’s flight journey.

It is easy to list a number of companies that offer travel insurance, but the choice is always yours. You have to decide what makes you buy a particular plan and what are reasons to justify it. For this, you need to know what are the various factors that determines the travel insurance rates.

– Age of the traveler really matters
– Number of traveler
– Length of travel
– Type of coverage

Insurance Tips for parents travelling to the USA from India

It is always overwhelming with joy for our parents when their son or daughter working abroad plans a foreign visit for themselves. And having your parents visit you in the USA is definitely a rewarding experience. The one thing that strikes your mind when we have our parents geared up for the long flight is their safety and health. Any sort of medical emergencies or travel chaos can disrupt the entire trip and moreover, it makes the situation difficult to handle. Health and accident risks can happen anywhere, what we can do is to take necessary precautions to overcome the stress, limit the financial burden and make sure vital care is taken. That is when a right travel insurance plan comes into picture. Before you read ahead, please also check this article on different types of travel insurance is available. (Also read: Best travel insurance for senior citizens)

How did I come up with this list? (Research Methodology)

You will notice that most of the products mentioned here are online products. Which means that you can buy them online easily and don’t necessarily have to go through a travel agent. I researched about all kinds of travel insurance products online and found that the cheap ones are mostly online. When you go through a travel agent, there’s not many options you can choose from. But when you go through someone like Visitor’s coverage, you’ll notice that there are so many options to choose from and you aren’t restricted by expensive options.

I recommend you to check prices on a comparison site like this and check the prices offline with a travel agent. If you can get a cheaper rate, that’d be great. But my experience is that travel agents cannot give better rates. Do your research and find out.

Criteria I looked at

  • Plan pricing options – Whether or not there are options to choose from. For example, from basic coverage to complete coverage.
  • Insurance agency reputation – How reputed is the company? Is it trustworthy? How are the online review?
  • Ease of getting approved – How easy is it to buy insurance?
  • Network coverage – How big is their network and supported hospitals in the US.

What is visitor’s travel insurance? Do you really need it?

In my opinion, travel insurance is a must have to all the visitors from India to USA be it be a tourist, work visa holder or a student (Read this article on how to choose a good travel insurance). This insurance is intended to cover medical expenses while you are in a foreign land, trip cancellations, losing your luggage while the transit, flight accidents and other aspects like any sort of medical exigencies while travelling.

Travel insurance rightly falls into two categories: Comprehensive and Limited – Read this article to understand each.

Traveler’s insurance that covers trip cancellation

Travel Insurance for USA to India TravelNow let’s see what does trip cancellation plan cover.  In case you need to cancel your trip for valid reasons prior to your departure,  this plan will help you with the reimbursement of  your pre- paid nonrefundable  portion of  your trip cost. Additionally it covers many more aspects like

Trip interruptions – This is a situation wherein the traveler is constrained to return home from the trip early due to covered reasons like home is on fire or flood, or relatives passed away etc.

Emergency medical expenses & medical evacuation – This is the coverage given to the traveler if he/she falls sick while on travel and this is helpful in a way to reduce your expenses as your domestic medical insurance might end up making you pay a higher deductible or coinsurance. Why risk it?

Repatriation of remains – If you were to pass away while on your trip, this benefits will pay for sending the remains back to the homeland.  Let such incidents never happen to any of us.

Baggage – There are policies which may cover things such as loss of checked luggage, baggage delay up to a maximum amount etc. Some may just pay you the additional expenses incurred due to the fact that you lost your luggage and ask the traveler to collect the payment from the travel providers which will be the airline because they are responsible for the loss.

Traveler’s insurance that covers medical insurance

The travel medical insurance is ideally a short term medical coverage that would generally be covering the illness or injuries occurred after purchasing the medical plan or while the visitor is outside the homeland. Some of the eligible medical expenses are doctor’s visit, hospital charges, surgery, lab works, prescription drugs etc. An important thing to note here is that such plans do not cover the already existing illness known as pre-existing conditions and it is only eligible for the new ones that occur while you are in the US. The medical insurance plans are highly important to any type of visitors because generally the medical cost in the USA is considerably higher.

Of course, medical plan is of utmost value but do not assume that all types of situations/ conditions are covered.  There are some exclusions that are applicable to the travel insurance such as pre- existing conditions, HIV, suicide cases and illegal acts.

Let’s delve into details of various categories of visitors flowing into the USA:

– International Students ( F1/F2 Visa holders)

– Exchange Program Students ( J1 / J2 Visa holders): These are students who are travelling to the USA on an exchange program from their parent country for few business days.

– Visitors to US or tourists: Now this type can be your parents, siblings, cousins or friends who are visiting the USA as part of the leisure trip.

– Long term work visa holders: These are professional who migrate to the USA on H1 / H4 ( spouses or dependents of H1 visa holders).

– Short term work visa holders: Professional who migrate to the US for a shorter duration in L1/L2 ( spouse or dependents of L1 visa holders).

Another question that props up in our minds is if it is mandatory for all the travelers to buy an insurance before their travel or not. Like for instance, if a person is travelling on H1/H4 visa or L1/L2 visa they typically need not buy a travel insurance as the employer sponsoring the visa would provide coverage while on travel. But the following traveler should undoubtedly buy a travel insurance coverage while the travel and stay outside the homeland.

– Student travel cover: They provides coverage to students relocating to a new country for studying.

– Business travel cover: It covers business traveler who are visiting the USA for a conference/ onsite work.

– Holiday or leisure travel: This includes people travelling to the USA as part of the leisure trip.

Taking the visitors who are travelling as part of the leisure trip or if you are having your parents over, personally, I would  recommend purchasing the most comprehensive medical coverage plan for your parents because it keeps you at ease. Also, it is important to bring in a right balance between coverage Vs premium cost.

Most frequently asked questions is “should each parent separately be included in the single application or it can be made one. I would opine that it is ideal to buy medical insurance for both the parents separately rather than combining them as a single policy. This will purely be a better option so that it creates a better control if either of them wants to return home early due to domestic exigencies.

What if your claim gets denied based on a pre- existing condition?

This was a situation which my friend’s mother faced. She landed in the US with a medical condition which was actually cured earlier and was never supposed to relapse. The climatic conditions triggered her illness and unfortunately it was not accounted as a new illness. The solution to this situation was to make an appeal on the matter by providing reinforcing evidence to contest the denial of the claim. The evidence can consist of a written statement from your family physician stating that the medical condition was cured and did not exist before the travel date or start date of the current insurance.  There are high chances that the claim will be paid and ironically it totally depends on the credibility of the evidence. Hope to hear from my friend soon on this claim.

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Getting deeper into this topic.

Where can you buy travel insurance plans?

Can the host buy the insurance coverage for their parents? Can a student or a tourist buy them? The answer is “Yes”.
If you are having your parents over, definitely you can purchase the plan from the USA on their behalf and make payments using your credit card or they themselves can purchase it through the travel agent or other companies that offer the best travel insurance plans. Similar is the case with the tourist or students. Below are some of the best plans available in the USA which you can refer to while making a decision:

I know, this is a never ending topic. My only suggestion with regards to the travel insurance is that it should not be the plan that you are buying but it should be the coverage that matters. Never blindly buy a plan thinking it is a costly plan and it should have all that you need or a low budget which will not even suffice your needs. You might be wrong! Thoroughly read through the plan and ask yourself this simple question – “Do we really need this plan?”. This will ensure you are finding the right travel insurance plan for your dear ones trip. Here are some tips on buying travel insurance for visitors.

Recommended Travel Insurance for Parents

Travel Medical insurance for parents with pre-existing conditions

So, what about parents who are travelling with pre-existing conditions? Should they just buy any travel insurance or are there any special ones that cover their pre-existing conditions as well?

The answer is that yes, usual medical/travel insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions and you’ll need to ensure that whichever policy you buy covers your specific pre-existing condition. While some policies like these, cover most conditions, it’s always a good idea to check with the company, whether they cover all expenses or not.

I have listed here some of the best travel medical insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions. Check them out too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about bringing your Indian parents to the USA.

1. How can I bring my Indian parents to USA for settling permanently?

Answer: You can bring your Indian parents to USA for settling permanently, if you are a U.S. citizen and is at least 21 years old. (Source)

2. Is it necessary to get medical insurance for parents visiting USA?

Answer: No, it’s not. However it is recommended that you get medical insurance for them, as it will be a help more than anything. Here are some of the reasons why your parents visiting USA should get medical insurance.

3. Where should I buy visitor’s insurance from?

There are many online portals available online where you can find a good plan by choosing between different filters. Here’s a guide on where to buy visitors insurance from.

4. Can I buy visitors insurance if my parents are older than 60 years?

Yes, there are a few insurance providers which provide specialized insurance plans to elder folks. They also cover pre-existing conditions. Here’s a guide on insurance plans for elder folks.

5. Can both your parents schedule an interview at the consulate together?

Yes, while applying for visa with the DS160 form, make sure you check the option where you can request an interview time slot together with another person.

6. When should I apply for my parent’s visitor visa?

This totally depends on what and when is a convenient time for you and your parents. But keep in mind that generally visitor visa processing take a few weeks, so please take that into account when scheduling your visit.

7. Should I buy return air-tickets before scheduling interview?

It is not necessary to buy return air-tickets for your parents when scheduling visa interview, however it is recommended that you get return air tickets so that the officers feel confident about your parents returning to India (which is a big factor for getting a travel visa). From my experience, if you have a return air-ticket ready, it’s always a plus.

8. Should I have an itinerary ready for my parents visit before the visa interview?

Not necessary but if you have one, it is always good. However, the risk is that if your parents don’t get a visitor visa stamped, you’ll need to reschedule your arrangement, which might prove costly.

9. What are the chances for getting my parent’s visitor visa rejected?

Nobody can guarantee a visa. It all depends on how strong and genuine your case is. But if the interview doesn’t go well and particularly, if the officer thinks that it is risky to offer a visa, then your chances of rejection are higher.

10. Can I enter USA without travel insurance?

Yes, you can. At the moment (as of 2017 October) travel/visitor insurance for parents isn’t mandatory by US laws, however it is recommended that you get one in order to protect yourself.

11. Is it mandatory to have travel insurance for USA?

No. It is not mandatory to have travel insurance when entering USA. However, since the medical costs are high, it is recommended that you get a medical insurance if you are in US for a short time. For H1 and J1 visas, it is recommended that you get temporary medical insurance until you get one from your employer/sponsor.

Full disclosure: Details mentioned above might have changed since the publication date. Please check with the company for current rates and specifications. I am not a certified insurance policy seller or expert and the above information is only for research purposes and could have inaccuracies. Please use your judgement. Certain links posted in this article might contain affiliate links, which will earn the author revenue from purchases generated.

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  • Thanks karthik , any guess how much could be premium under coverAmerica gold plan for one person? Knowing the range it varies would also help. They are planning to visit for a month



  • Dear Kartik
    Myself and my wife will be visiting SFO for 90days in first week of April We will be staying with our son and daughter who are Citizens
    I am 80 and my wife is 75
    We don’t have any prexiting problem No Heart Kidney Neuro Diabetes problems
    1 Which Insurance plan we should have 2 What proof we can we give If Companies say these were prexiting ??
    3 If apply and get Green card Will Obama care we can buy Premium for that and Advantage etc
    I am Internal Medicine Doctor MD from India

    • Hello Sir,

      1. I’d recommend Cover America Gold.
      2. Different companies work differently but previous health record would suffice. Although you might not need it at the time of buying the insurance.
      3. Yes, you can but it will take some time for you to get it. Meanwhile, I suggest you get temporary medical insurance.

      Please feel free to call up the corresponding insurance companies toll free number. Most of them are very well answered and will clear your doubts (with little nuances even).

      Wish you safe travels. Enjoy your stay! Feel free to ask if you have any doubts.

  • Hi Karthik

    First of all, truly outstanding effort on your web site. It is impressive & extremely useful. My mother-in-law, who is already 75 years old is visiting from India. I am looking at Patriot America Plus Traveler’s Insurance and Liaison Continent International. Patriot America looks better in terms of coverage, but their benefit details document has pages & pages filled with legal hoops and legal protection. Cumbersome process to appeal a claim, legal matters has to be in Indiana, etc. None of this matters if they have a good track record of settling claims without subjecting claimants to undue hardship. Have you heard anything from people who had to submit claims due to medical issues? Any idea what it is like to deal with Patriot America?

    The Liaison Continent benefits document on the other hand has a lot less legal verbiage and disclaimers. Downside is that it seems to have a lot less, maybe non-existent coverage regarding pre-existing conditions for people over 70. Reading their benefits documents, it sounds like they may be easier to deal with in case of a claim.



  • hi Karhik,

    I live in LA too. Thanks for your Blog. Lots of useful information. My mother-in-law is visiting us in Jan 2018, her trip is for 5 months. She is diabetic, which insurance is likely good for her. Last time when she visited we took ICICI lombard, but we don’t have much knowledge that how to visit a doctor when she had problem with her sugar levels. Is all insurance cover the LA hospitals like PPO plans? is there any idea>
    Of the note, if she is visiting canada, is there any insurance plan that covers US and Canada trips?!


    • Hi Maruthi,

      I suggest you take insurance from US companies since they are much easier to work with and offer better services. Yes, ChoiceAmerica and Liaison Continent are good plans suitable for elders with pre-existing conditions and cover US and Canada. I would suggest both of these plans.

      All the best, wishing them a safe trip! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

  • My parents are traveling from India to USA for 3 months. Which is the best insurance for them?
    Also, how reliable is Visitorscoverage v/s Insubuy? Which site is better?

    • Hi Anand,

      It would be very unfair for me to say which one plan is best for you. You have to find the right one that suits you, but I can help. The thing is, there are several plans available to pick from, based on your requirements. Like how long the stay is, what kind of coverage you need, the age of your parents etc.

      And as you rightly mentioned, there are these third part websites that lets you choose a good plan filtering from the big list. Both Visitorscoverage and Insubuy are good websites that gives a lot of insights on which plan to choose from. Visitorscoverage is more popular but Insubuy has been around for a longer time. Some plans are common between the two as well. I’ll let you make the choice.

  • MK, This is useful blog with good information! But the answer for the FAQ 2 is to b reviewed, as far as I know for a Permanent Resident/Green Card holder is NOT repeat NOT eligible to apply for any visa which will facilitate the parents to live permanently in US. Below is the extract from your link…..

    Bringing Parents to Live in the United States as Permanent Residents

    To petition for your parents (mother or father) to live in the United States as green card holders, you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 21 years old. Green card holders (permanent residents) may not petition to bring parents to live permanently in the United States.

    • Hi Prasad,

      You just need your parents details like passport number etc. On the websites I mentioned, you can pretty much select and choose what insurance plan to buy and get it online, all in one go. You can then send the soft copies to your parents, who can carry it with them, taking a print out.

      All the best!

  • A very useful blog,especially for first time travellers to US.
    I appreciate the fund of information compiled by the blogger Mr.ManiKarthik
    with valuable inputs by Sruthi Menon.