3 Best Perfume Subscription Services in India

Indians are increasingly developing a taste for personal grooming products, which is reflected in the massive revenues being earned by the perfume industry in recent years. The total size of the Indian perfume industry is about ₹2,000 crores and is expected to grow by 50% by 2020, says an article on Indian Retailer

Do you too love to complete your daily dressing routine with a good perfume? Worried that the best perfumes are too expensive to use regularly? What you need is a perfume subscription. Yes, they are available in India too. Here’s a look. 

Perfume Subscription Services in India

Check out these perfume subscriptions options available in India and take your pick. 

Scent Club

You don’t need to hesitate before splurging on a costly perfume brand without being sure of the fragrance anymore. A premium perfume subscription company, Scent Club, allows you to purchase miniature tester bottles first to check out which one would suit your personality the best. These perfume decanters are handmade and the perfumes are poured from the original bottles. Subscribe to the service and their experts will give you the opportunity to try out different fragrance samples, both for men and women.

How it Works

Start by answering 4 simple questions. Once you are done, the Scent Club professionals will curate perfumes for you. After your type has been decided, they will deliver a collection of three perfume testers of your choice from global designer brands. You will be able to use the perfumes for up to 40 sprays. This is a monthly subscription. So, in one month, you get a new set of perfumes, either selected personally or handpicked by the professionals. You can, however, choose your subscriptions as monthly, half yearly or annually.

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Scent Box

It is a great idea if you prefer trying out perfume testers before committing to a particular brand. Scent Box allows you to check out fragrances to figure out which one best suits you before you make a full price investment on a luxury brand.

How it Works

You can choose three fragrances from their range of 18, within a price of ₹199. These testers will be delivered to your doorstep. Once you are sure about which one you want, enter the full price of the Scent Box so that you can purchase a full-sized bottle for yourself. You can keep repeating the process each month or as and when you want to. This way, you will be able to test many perfumes and choose the one you find the most appealing.


This reputed perfume subscription service offers you three different ways to explore fragrances – subscription boxes, samples and full-sized bottles. All Olfactif, perfumes have Unisex options and Men Only options, and thousands of customers have benefitted from their subscription boxes.

How it Works

You need to sign up for their service to start receiving monthly selections of perfumes in deluxe sized 2.25 ml bottles. You can either choose monthly or go for the half yearly or annual options. The subscription box contains samples with which you can help yourself to 15-20 sprays per bottle. They also provide credit of $18 for every full-sized bottle you buy.

If you are scratching your head about which fragrance will suit you the best, sign up for one of these subscription boxes and explore the exciting world of perfumery.

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