Which are the Best Health Insurance Plans for New Immigrants to the US

Update: On October, 2019 President Trump has issued a proclamation that will deny visas to new immigrants to USA, who does not have health insurance. (Source)

During a US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) naturalization ceremony in Los Angeles, attended by some 4,000 immigrants, President Trump welcomed them into the “American family” and urged them to help others assimilate and remain loyal to their new country, according to an article published by US News on September 20, 2017.

Regardless of changing immigration policies in recent times, the reality is that migrating to the Land of Dreams is an aspiration for many all across the world. According to data published by the Center for Immigration Studies in 2016, the US witnessed the arrival of 42.4 million immigrants, which included both legal and illegal immigrants. This number was the highest US has seen in its history.

As a US immigrant who has just received their green card or are in the process of getting one, these new residents need to stay protected by means of a travel medical insurance in the US. The reason for this is that these new immigrants need health insurance, but they are not yet eligible for US Medicare or federal and state benefits like Medicaid or MediCal.

Even green card holders who either live in America, or live outside of the US and will be visiting the country for a short duration, need to invest in a domestic health insurance policy, based on their eligibility, until they are eligible to enroll in the US domestic healthcare.

However, finding the right type of health insurance can be a daunting task for new immigrants or green card holders. I have narrowed the available options and have come up with a list of four top-rated health insurance plans for new residents in the US for up to 3 years or more.

Best Health Insurance for New Immigrants to USA

  1. Inbound USA:
    Administered by US-based insurance provider, Seven Corners, Inbound USA is an A-rated, low-cost health insurance that is available at an affordable price. The plan offers per incident coverage within USA for a maximum of 364 days. One of the good things about the plan is that it also offers coverage for acute onset of a pre-existing medical condition. However, this plan would not be a great choice if you end up with a high medical bill.
  2. Green Cover:
    Administered by Travel Insurance Services, Green Cover is a comprehensive medical plan, especially designed for elderly US residents or new immigrants belonging to age group of 60-95 years. It offers coverage till the new immigrant becomes eligible for Medicare or for those without Medicare Part A or Part B. What makes this plan a good choice is that it covers the benefits of both Medicare Part A and B.
  3. Liaison Continent-A:
    This s a comprehensive plan that is administered by Seven Corners. It provides medical insurance coverage and emergency services to individuals and families traveling to the US. In case of an injury or sickness, the plan pays 80% for the first $5,000 and 100% thereafter, towards eligible covered expenses, after the deductible is satisfied
  4. Bridge Plan:
    Offering senior citizens the perfect option to cover the transition period between traditional insurance and Medicare, Bridge Plan also offers coverage in two ways, Part A and Part B, just like Green Cover. Under Part A, hospitalization, hospice, nursing and home health care expenses are covered, whereas under Part B, ambulance charges, costs of physicians and surgeons, and other medical expenses are covered.

Make sure to compare difference policies and read their terms and conditions carefully to make an informed choice of insurance.

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