10 Best Digital Cameras in India

The year end season sales are right around the corner and I’m pretty sure many of you folks would be interested in buying a new camera for capturing your lovely moments. Digital Camera’s are something that fascinates everybody, be it a professional photographer or an amateur. I had a Nikon D40 several years ago when I was studying for Visual Communication. I used to experiment a lot with it. And now the camera is dead and I am unable to fix it as the model is no longer available in the market.

Best DSLR Digital Cameras in India

So I thought of sharing the top 10 list of  best DSLR camera’s in India as I am also in search of one.

1. Nikon D4s

Best_Digital_Cameras_IndiaIt has been two years since Nikon has introduced its D4 series.

Features :

  • This camera is featured with 16 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Also has expandable ISO setting ( 50 – 409,600 equiv).
  • The raw size has been reduced to 8 MP
  • 1080/60p video for up to 10 mins at 42Mbps or 20 mins at 24Mbps
  • The camera body grip is amazing.
  • Another important feature worth mentioning is its ability to automatically set the ISO while in manual mode.

Nikon D4s is best suited to capture wildlife photography and portraits. The clarity of this camera is amazing. The biggest advantage is the expandable ISO. The con that I can see in this camera is its price. The camera is available to you at Rs.3,48,555.

2. Nikon  D810

Why is this chosen as one of the best cameras of 2016? Because of its high quality image in a consumer level DSLR.

Best_Digital_Cameras_IndiaFeatures :

  • This has an impressive image quality with a 36.3 MP full frame image sensor.
  • What makes this camera versatile is the capability to capture the photos in RAW, JPEG, TIFF images.
  • Very accurate auto focus and pretty fast functioning.
  • This camera is much quieter than the D800 and D800E, which is great news for wedding, reportage and documentary photography.
  • Better and brighter optical viewfinder.
  • The Nikon D810 has a different grip that is slightly narrower and yet deeper for more comfortable hand-holding.

Nikon D810 has a greater buffer size which is a great news for the photographers especially while taking action and sports photography. This is a good bet for a serious business and its available in the market for Rs.1,99,950.

3. Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Best_Digital_Cameras_IndiaThis is considered as the best camera for beginners. This is an inexpensive camera with an above average image quality. Canon has targeted this camera against the first time camera buyers.

Features :

  • Good image quality with 24.2MP.
  • Camera will fit your hand well and doesn’t carry excessive weight.
  • The display screens articulates and has touch capabilities.
  • Camera’s Wi-Fi features are clumsy and drain the battery quickly

This camera is great for outdoor shooting and trying out some creative photography by adjusting the shutter speed. The market price for this one is Rs.55,000.

4. Nikon D7200

In 2013, Nikon D7100 was released and it was one of the sought after DSLR cameras in India. But its predecessor D7200 has nothing more to offer other than larger buffer, improved auto focus performance in low light, 60p video, Wi-Fi with NFC, and 15% better battery life.


  • There is no optical low pass filter and the image quality is about 24.2 MP.
  • Comes with ISO 100-25,600, with ISO 51,200 and 102,400 black and white modes.
  • 1/8000 sec maximum shutter speed
  • The camera body is magnesium alloy weather sealed.
  • The buffer size has improved and this is good for those who wants to click multiple shots or take burst shots.

The camera is best for action or sports photography. The price of this beauty is Rs. 65,325.

5.  Nikon D5500

This camera is best for a professional photographer. What makes it different from Nikon D7200? This is the most light weighted camera with excellent specifications. Hence, it is called a compact SLR.


  • Its image quality and continuous AF is impressive
  • This is good for anyone who is seeking for a lightweight DSLR that can serve both point-and-shoot and advanced users.
  • It comes with a fully articulating screen.

Why would you choose D5500 over D7200?

  1. The Nikon D5500 is 345g lighter than D7200.
  2. It has better ISO performance which is apt for low light environment.
  3. Of course, the price is cheaper.
  4. D5500 comes with a selfie friendly LCD. Wow! what else do we need?

This camera is available to you in the market for Rs.42,360.

6. Sony A68

This camera has amazing positive reviews and is one of the best sellers.


  • A68 features Sony’s unique ‘4D FOCUS system’. This helps in delivering extraordinary AF performance under any shooting conditions – even in low lighting where other cameras struggle.
  • Looking for a incredibly affordable camera for shooting some action? Sony A68 has wide area AF with predictive tracking that captures fast moving objects.
  • The highlight of the camera is Sony’s translucent mirror technology, which enables fast shooting with continuous use of accurate phase detection AF.
  • It features a tiltable LCD screen to clearly shoot at max.135 degrees up and 55 degrees down.

Amazing isn’t? This camera is best for shooting beautiful landscapes, sports and portraits. All these you get for just Rs.55,990.

7. Nikon D3300

This is pretty much an entry level D-SLR camera.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Captures fast action with a maximum of 5-fps and high speed continuous shooting.
  • It has a wide and clearer optical viewfinder which helps in tracking moving objects fast.
  • The ISO ranged from 100-25,600.

Another affordable camera added to my list. This is priced at Rs.29,950.

Why would you choose Nikon D3300 over Nikon D5500?

Obviously less expensive than Nikon D5500. Stitches multiple shots to make it as a panoramic view and faster raw image capturing.  But of course, you get to loose out on many other amazing features that D5500 offers like tiltable screen, touch screen just like smartphones, better autofocusing capability. Never mind! both has unique features that brings out the best quality images. You can buy what you can afford to.

8. Pentax K52

Yes! i know many of you might have not heard about this camera before. This may not be the best in terms of sales but this is one but its complete weatherproofing, along with speed of shooting, makes it a good entry-segment option.


  • Sturdy body that can withstand torture.
  • Offers good image quality
  • This is good enough for a beginner to start learning the basics of photography.

Why is Pentax K-52 not so famous?

It does not have enough refine qualities to face the tough competition from Nikon and Canon. The video clarity is bad and the has an amateurish interface.

Why is it heavy?

Pentax k-52 have similar dimensions as that of Nikon D5500. But there is a reason why it is heavier than that?  Pentax k-52 can be used for shooting in dusty environment, or even completely submerge it underwater. All buttons, ports, viewfinder and every single element on surface have been proofed and sealed, and this may come very useful for shooting in extreme conditions. The price of this product is Rs.53,395

9. Sony Alpha A 99

This model is one of the flagship model of Japanese camera makers.


  • It features an electronic viewfinder rather than the optical one.
  • Built in GPS
  • ISO range of 100-25,600
  • Excellent stabilization built in for video
  • This is one of the lightweight DSLR mainly due to the lack of moving prism and viewfinder.

Best for shooting in night, portraits and landscape. The price of this model is Rs.149,599.

10. Sony Alpha 77 M2

The name itself says all. This is an overhaul of the original Sony A77 from 2011.


  • The auto ISO customization is something which is one of the highlights of this model.
  • 860 x 480 LCD tilts and rotates viewfinder.
  • Weather proof and magnesium alloy body.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC
  • The Alpha 77 II employs Translucent Mirror Technology and offers some advantages for wildlife photography like faster capture rates and a more sophisticated AF system with 79 points, 15 of which are cross-type.

The price of this model is Rs 57,594.

Great! Now you all have a bunch of options to choose from. If you are very outdoorsy person and loves nature you should definitely choose one of Nikon or Sony cameras. For any portrait or food or macros, Canon would be the best choice.

Now here are few tips to note before you buy your camera:

  1. Decide what you actually want. If you are just looking at one which can be used for just point and shoot. You can go for a normal SLR.
  2. It is always necessary to be realistic about how serious you are about photography. Hence, invest accordingly.
  3. Weight and portability of the camera is very important. Heavy cameras are inconvenient if you are just not serious about photography and is planning to be just home. Also never think that weight is directly proportional to the quality of the image.
  4. Check the sensor and pixel rates before buying a camera.
  5. Never go by the promotions and advertisements. Always look out for reviews before you buy a camera for example, reviews from websites, user experiences etc.
  6. If you are thinking about buying a DSLR or a compact system camera take time to see what lenses are available and prices for each of it. It’s no good buying the body and then discovering that you can’t afford that long lens you want.

Are you planning to buy a new digital camera? Let me know in comments.

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