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10 Best Deals on Amazon India For Men, That You Don’t Want to Miss

I love shopping from Amazon India. I mean, it’s such a gratifying experience buying stuff for yourself. The best part is when you get the product few days later as a “surprise”!

Amazon has been offering daily deals in India and they have been doing a good job at it curating the best products at amazing discounts. Here are some of the best deals on Amazon India.

1. Braun Trimmer & Shaver for Men

Isn’t this a must have for every man?


Best Deals on Amazon India

2. Men’s watches

There are several deals on Men’s watches on Amazon, especially on top brands. Just make sure that you don’t pick up a local brand, that’s all.



3. Cool Looking Digital Cameras

This amazing Fujifilm camera is a must. ????


Fujifilm Camera

4.  Man enough for this toolbox?

Every household needs one. Get it if you don’t have one.


Toolkit - Best deals on Amazon

5. Macho Biker Gloves!



6. Ultra cool JBL Headphones!

For that solid quality music.



7. These amazing sandals!



8. These cool Men’s wallet!



9. Water-proof wireless speakers!



10. Ultra cool FM transmitter for car!



These are obviously not for everyone! Grab them when you can.

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  • Actually, I wish I did Vidya. For one or two items, it’s best to let someone carry it for you. You could use a service like (check it out!)

  • Thank you Mani Karthik for the reply.

    Though I am not interested in men’s products, I like many other products but most of the Indian stuff is not available in; and they ship within India. I do shop at amazon India but shipping just 1 or 2 items to USA is not economically viable. I though you have some magical wand in this regard 🙂

  • Hi Vidya,

    Check if the product you want has global shipping enabled. If yes, you can get it shipped to USA. In my experience, the same product exists on as well (at least in most cases).

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