Best Small Cars in India (2021 Updated)

India is definitely shining.

The number of car brands that are launching in India is phenomenal. Rumor has it that even Tesla is planning to come to India sometime soon, despite the fact that they might built a production plant in India. India is a great market. With it’s ever so powerful middle class, and a brand obsessed population, I only see more and more coming in.

Cars are never enough for Indians. People with buying power keeps buying cars and people who’ve tried one keeps trying another. There is even a bigger market for used cars.

Having said that, 2015 was amazing for Indian car lovers. Lot of new cars were launched and new brands entered the market. Let’s look at how the Indian car scene is looking for 2020 and what are the best cars we have in the market now.

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Top Hatchback Cars in India

Hatchbacks are India’s favorite. They fit both the budget and roads of India. Let’s check out which are the best hatchback cars in India today.

Renault KWID – < 3.5 Lac


Renault KWID is an entry level hatchback car and has gotten really popular in India recently. It’s economical with a 25.2 kmpl mileage and 799cc engine. Beyond the economical factor, just like the Renault Duster, what makes the KWID popular is its look and feel. Although under 3.5 lacs it looks like an SUV or wannabe SUV. Renault has nailed the design and no wonder why it’s popular with India.

Honda Jazz – < 8.6 Lac


Honda’s hatchback car, Honda Jazz is already popular in India within a short span of time. With an amazing mileage of 27.3 kmpl and a stunner of design, who doesn’t want to like it? It has its issues as well though – like cost, space etc but despite those shortcomings, Honda Jazz is a popular car in India under the hatchback segment.

Hyundai Elite i20

Best cars in India i20

Probably the most loved hatchback car in India, Hyundai Elite i20 is the car with the perfect balance. A mileage of 22.5 kmpl, an amazing design with lot of in-car features makes it an irresistible choice for the mid-market segment.

Top Cars in India – SUV/Crossovers

Now, let’s look at the SUV segment – which was one of the hottest segments in India last few years.

Hyundai Creta < 13 Lac

Best cars in India, Creta

Creta was probably the most awaited car of 2015. There was a lot of hype around this car and it truly raised to the expectations. Priced at 13.6 Lac, this car packs hell lot of features and has a mileage of 19.7 Kmpl, which is awesome for an SUV. With an eye pleasing and stand out design, the Hyundai Creta has all the features required for a superstar on Indian roads and it really is.

Renault Duster < 13.5 Lac

Best cars in India Duster

Probably the most popular car in the last 3 years, the Renault Duster is the perfect balance between design, mileage and fit. When I visited India 2 years back, I was surprised to see a lot of Renault Dusters on the roads. With a mileage of 19.7 Kmpl and sturdy looks, this guy has won the hearts of many car lovers in India.

Which car are you trying to buy?

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