Top 10 Ayurvedic Massage Centers in Kerala

Ayurveda is one of the ancient forms of medicine. In olden days, man was dependent on nature for medicine. As this knowledge of treatment ailments with natural herbs and processes grew in popularity, the western world embraced it and as a result, Ayurvedic treatment centers and massage parlors sprouted in Kerala (where it was born) like mushrooms. Its difficult to find the right one among plenty of the options available, however here is an honest attempt.

There are many ayurvedic massage centers in India. Some of those in Kerala which I found interesting are listed below:

1. Keraleeyam

This center is located in Alappuzha district of Kerala. It provides treatments for migraine, back pain, rheumatic and arthritis pain etc. It has special packages for massage, beauty care, slimming, body purification, anti-ageing, severe diseases, stress relief, rejuvenation etc. Here, the natural oil massage is done by trained masseurs. The patients have to lie on a wooden ‘Thoni’ for massage. They have eco-friendly and furnished rooms & serves multi-cuisines to foreigners. For booking and contact details, please visit:

2. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

This belongs to Sivananda ashram & is located in Trivandrum. Advanced booking is essential for massage & they have well-trained masseurs for both men and women. They also provides meditation and yoga classes to all. This center provides treatment with Podikzhi (hot bundle massage), Rejuvenating medicated oil massage, Udvartanam (Powder massage), and Pancha Karma etc. They also have courses in ayruvedic wellness and ayurvedic abhyanga massage. For contact and booking details, please visit:

3. Cochin Ayurvedic Center

Cochin Ayurvedic center is located in Ernakulam & was set up in 1988. They provide treatment for Sinusitis, weight gain in men and women, back pain, beauty care, slimming, prostate enlargement etc. This center is equipped with latest technologies. The packages include “Pizhichil”, “Navrakizhi”, “Dhara”, “Sirovasti” and “Elakizhi”etc. The charges are given below:

Package of 1 week:   Rs. 7000/-

Package of 2 weeks: Rs. 14,000/-

Package of 3 weeks: Rs. 21,000/-

For contact and other details,

4.  Somatheeram

Somatheeram is considered as the first ayruvedic beach resort in the world & is located in Trivandrum. It was set up in 1985 beside the Kovalam beach. Somatheeram is eco-friendly & you can book online. They provides treatment for cholesterol, rheumatism, respiratory problems, blood pressure, paralysis etc. The  packages include karnapooranam, lekhaneeyam, lepanam, marma massage, ksheeradhoomam, urovasthi, kizhi, dhara, nasyam, pizhichil, abhyangam, etc.  They also provide teaching on various massages like face massage, neck massage, body massage, intensive massage, marma massage etc. The cost ranges from euro 400 to euro 1600 & the amenities include safety lockers, currency exchange, tailoring shops, etc. For booking details, please visit:

5. Sreesankara madom parambarya chikitsalayam

This ayurvedic center is located in Thrissur & was founded in the year  1937 and was restarted in 2003 by Dr.P.P.N.Bhatathiri. The ayurvedic packages include Abhyangam, Vamanam, Swedanam, Raktamokshanam, Elakizhi, Uzhichil, Agnikarmam, Manal kizhi, Mutta kizhi, Udwardhanam, Pizhichil, etc. They also provide special treatment for head ache, migraine, ear balance, varicose vain, peptic ulcer, frozen shoulder, neurological diseases, artery block, intestinal disorders etc. To know more, please visit:

6. SNA Ayruveda Nursing Home or Mooss ayurveda Center

This center was set up by Ashtavaidyan Thaikat Unni Mooss in the year 1920 & is located in Thrissur. Presently, it is managed by Ashtavaidyan P.T.N Vasudevan Mooss. The ayurvedic packages include Dhara, kizhi, Pizhichil, Navarakizhi, Abhyangam, Sirovasthi, etc. For more details, please visit:

7. Cochin Arya Vaidya Sala

Cochin Arya Vaidya Sala was setup in 1948 at Cochin & was founded by Sri. Ochilath K.I Krishnan Vaidyan. At present, it is managed by his followers, Dr.T.K. Ravi and Dr.Manu Madhav. The ayurvedic packages include pichu, pizhichil, elakizhi, navarakizhi, thaila dhara, vamanam, kashaya dhara, chavitti uzhichil etc.  They also provide treatment for back pain, asthma, obesity, paralysis, bronchitis, infertility, speech disorder, stress, epilepsy, psychological problems, etc. They manufacture more than 700 pure ayurveda medicines.  You can visit, for more details.

8. Ayushman Bhava

This Ayurveda center is located in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala & is famous for curing depression. They have steam room, herbal garden, well experienced physicians and staff. Its ayurvedic packages include dhara, podikizhi, njavarakizhi, dhara, swedhanam, ksheeradhara; abhayangam etc.They also provide treatment for neuro problems, obesity, stress, diabetes, joint pain, insomnia etc. For booking and contact details, visit

9. Ayuryogashram

This Ayurvedic center was founded by M.P.K. Nair in the year 2001 & is located in Thrissur. The ayurvedic packages include Pizhichil, Dhara, Pathrapodalasweda, Nasyam, Abhyanga, Dhanyamla dhara, Ksheera dhoomam, Udwarthanam, Sirovasthi, Urovasthi, Herbal facial, etc. Its amenities include furnished rooms with air conditioners, massage rooms, cable TV connection, swimming pool, lawns and trees etc. During winter season, there is a hike of 10% in the rates on all packages. For booking, visit:

10. Arya Vaidya Nilayam (AVN)

AVN was founded by famous Arya Vaidyan N. Rama Varier in 1930. He was a disciple of great Vaidya Ratnam P.S. Varier of Kottakkal. AVN is now managed by his successors & is located in Cochin. They have good accommodation, treatment rooms, hygienic herbal manufacturing unit, export unit etc. The ayurvedic packages include dhara, pizhichil, nasya, abhyangam, elakizhi etc. For more details, please visit:

In my perspective, these ayurvedic massage centers are truly good for us. They purify body and soul, prevents diseases, controls ageing and boosts the immunity. Here, the treatment is guaranteed and the charges are affordable when compared to allopathic medicine. Moreover, ayurvedic massage treatment has no side effects.

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