Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card – Good For Movie Buffs!

If you are a regular movie goer who dines out every weekend (sounds very much like me), and is looking to save some money while at it, then here is a card you need to know about.

I like Axis bank. I like their credit cards. I don’t like their hidden charges though. Most of their credit cards are well thought out (at least on the periphery) and customized for the life style of youth. I mean, is it that hard to figure out? We dine out every now and then. Watch movies and shop online. Will someone give us a rewards credit card? Axis bank will.

And it’s called the My Zone card. (Get zoned out doing your stuff. Get it? *wink*)

Let’s take a deep and figure out if this card is indeed for us.

MyZone Credit Card Benefits

  • Get 25% cashback rewards on online and box office movie ticket purchases all week
  • Note that there are no reward points on movie offer transactions (special prices).
  • Amount of cashback in a calendar year is limited to Rs. 1,000. (Which means you have to limit your movie watching experience)
  • 10x points on weekend dining
  • 5x points on weekend shopping
  • access to airport lounges within India
  • Fuel surcharge refund on spends at all fuel stations across India (Valid on transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000 only, Maximum benefits upto Rs. 400 per month)
  • Option to convert purchases over Rs.2,500 to easy EMIs

MyZone Credit Card Fees & Charges

  • Joining fees – Rs.500
  • Annual fees – Rs.500 (Second year onward)
  • Interest rate – 3.25% per month (46.78% per year)

Should you get the Axis Bank MyZone card? Is it worth it?

This is an easy question to answer. If you are a movie buff, goes to movies often, dines out often and drives around hitting fuel often, then this credit card can save you some money and even get you some rewards. But there are other cards that goes a better job at this. (Better rewards, no limitations etc). But if you are an Axis bank fan and have every other banking done with them and need the red triangle logo in your wallet, then this might be a good card to own. I don’t like the annual fee and joining fee options. Those are clearly friction points to sign up.

Otherwise, I’d skip. There are better cards out there.

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