Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card for Flipkart Shoppers!

Do you shop often on Flipkart? Get this credit card. Here’s why.

I like Axis Bank for some reason. At least, their products are all well tailored and well thought out. You could see it all their credit cards, be it the Miles & More credit card or the Neo credit card. They’re all great products!

Add to that, the new Buzz credit card. The name is definitely a poor choice (makes me think about drinks for some reason) but the features aren’t.

Axis Bank’s Buzz credit card is for Flipkart shoppers. If you’re a regular shopper at Flipkart, then yes, you need to get it. The reason is that, it gives you free vouchers on spending money on Flipkart. Of course, they have different milestones (minimum spend) but the vouchers are pretty valuable. Here’s how it looks.

Axis Bank Buzz card benefits

Annual Spend on Flipkart – 25,000 Rs = Flipkart Vouchers worth 500 Rs.

Annual Spend on Flipkart – 50,000 Rs = Flipkart Vouchers worth 1,000 Rs.

Annual Spend on Flipkart – 1,00,000 Rs = Flipkart Vouchers worth 2,500 Rs.

If overall annual spends on the card (not just Flipkart) goes over 1,00,00 Rs, then you get a Flipkart voucher of 1,000 Rs and for 2,00,000, gift vouchers worth Rs.200 worth.

So, essentially, it is a reward card for Flipkart users and online shoppers (been the trend lately with many credit cards.. check this one from SBI online shopping card). Get free vouchers for what you spend – simple as that. But wait, is there a joining free and most importantly, the notorious annual fee? Let’s see.

There’s a nasty joining fee of Rs.750! First year, there’s no annual fee, but second year onward, there’s a nasty Rs.750 annual fee!

So let’s say you spend Rs.50,000 annually on Flipkart, and get a voucher for Rs.1,000 you have to pay Axis Bank Rs. 1,500 to get that voucher! You lose Rs.500.

Well, here are other benefits…

  • 5% off at all shopping on Flipkart (Max. monthly benefits up to Rs.200)
  • 6 eDGE Loyalty Reward Points on every Rs.200 spent online (except for online travel spends)
  • 2 eDGE Loyalty Reward Points on every Rs. 200 spent
  • Dining Delights – 15% off at over leading 5,000 + restaurants across India

There’s a welcome gift though – Get Flipkart Gift Voucher worth Rs.1000 on making 3 purchases within first 45 days!


Will I recommend it?

No. It’s a great card for it’s rewards scheme, but like I have always said, annual and joining fees make such cards a joke! Clearly, this card is meant for Flipkart and online shoppers, but it is not worth keeping. Heck, if you don’t shop you keep paying them Rs.750 for no reason. Thumbs down from me.

Luckily, there are many other better options here and here from Axis.

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