Atlas America Travel Insurance Review

Atlas America Travel Insurance is a comprehensive plan that offers wide coverage to foreign citizens traveling to the US and other international destinations. It is administered by a reputed US-based insurance company, HCC Medical Insurance Services, and underwritten by Lloyds. One of the key advantages of this policy is that it offers coverage for the onset of a pre-existing condition.

Atlas America Insurance is great for parents, relatives or friends visiting the US. It also meets the requirements set by the US Department of State for J1 visa holders. This plan pays 100% up to policy maximum within the PPO network, after the deductible, for medical expenses. The insurance can be bought for anyone who is above the age of 14 days.

Atlas America Travel Insurance Benefits

The policy offers various benefits, such as coverage of hospital rooms charges, surgeon fess, local ambulance charges, emergency room, intensive care unit expenses, pre-admission tests and diagnostics charges like that for X-rays, as well as lab charges, says an article on Visitor Insurance Services. Other than providing medical coverage, this insurance also provides cover for emergency services, such as emergency evacuation, loss of baggage, trip interruption, return of remains, return of children and emergency reunion for travellers.

It offers a wide coverage period from 5 days to 365 days. It is a flexible and transparent insurance policy that can be both cancelled and renewed. One of the most beneficial aspects of this plan is that you need to pay the deductible only once in the entire policy period. It also provides other benefits, such as cover for local cremation or burial and terrorism. You can see the details of the plan on this website.

Limitations of the Plan

Although the policy has a wide PPO network in America, it does not have a PPO network outside the US. The plan offers relatively small coverage of $25,000 for visitors aged 70-79 years, while for visitors aged 80 and above, the coverage is lowered to $20,000. This insurance policy is not available for citizens of some countries, including North Korea, Cuba and Iran. Make sure that you are not located in New York, Canada, Maryland, Washington and Australia while buying this policy.

The policy doesn’t provide coverage for preventive care, such as vaccinations, treatment for injuries from dangerous activities, maternity care and treatment for psychological disorders. Moreover, if you are not admitted to a hospital within the PPO network at the appropriate time, you will have to pay the Emergency Room expenses from your pocket. You need to get the treatment done within 24 hours.

Customer Feedback

Many customers have expressed satisfaction with Atlas Travel Insurance. They have said that they had a good experience with the company. One of the policyholders reported that her mother was diagnosed with kidney stones during her visit to the US for 2 months. She was hospitalized within the PPO network and given pain killers and a CT scan. The total medical expense amounted to $10,000. The insurance company covered their share of the charges and provided excellent support at that time.

All insurance policies will have their pros and cons. Make sure you go through the fine print to make an informed decision.

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