Arrow Unveils World’s First Smart Shirt in India

After Smartphones and Smart watches the latest addition to the smart list is Smart Shirt. The latest smart shirt launched by Arrow promises to simplify some of the day-to-day activities at work like sharing the business cards, playing music, sharing your social profiles etc. with a single tap.

How does the Smart Shirt work?

The Smart Shirt is connected to the smartphone through an NFC chip embedded on the shirt’s cuff. To connect the Smart Shirt to the smartphone, users will have to download the Arrow mobile app, which is available for free on all Android smartphones.

Arrow Smart Shirt

Say you are in a meeting and want to share your business card or contact details with your client. All you need to do is to tap your sleeve with the client’s phone and the business card is transferred!

Apart from the “smart” features of the shirt, the “looking good” part hasn’t been forgotten either. The Arrow shirt is made with 100 percent cotton and is easily washable, iron friendly and budget friendly as well.

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