10 Must Have Androids Apps For Everyone

Android has become the most popular operating system for Smartphones. There are some amazing android apps that can boost memory, improve battery life and performance of your smartphone. These android apps are very useful for monitoring your android phone usage & to take control of how you use your smartphone. Many of these apps help in fine-tuning your smartphone’s performance. Some of the following android apps can be useful to manage the usage of your smartphone:

1. Phone Usage


This app is useful as it gives you complete information about your phone usage. It keeps track of data size that you have already used. With the help of this app it is possible to have a look at your online activity. It can help to identify the app that is using the maximum data on your phone. It also sends you alert when you break the limits of usage.

2. Phonalyzr

This is an interesting app that gives you overall view of your phone usage. The call duration and several graphs are displayed on the screen. It has some of the excellent features which track various data. There are about 17 graphs that give a brief idea about your phone usage. It keeps a track of the days of the week when there is most phone activity.

3. AppUsage


With the help of this app you can know the apps that can be uninstalled, which are not in regular use. It has high accuracy and shows the information in the form of a chart. It also lets you know the time you spent on every apps.

4. 3G Watchdog


This app helps you know about data usage. It is the best app which can record your data allowance. With the help of this app it is easy to know about the amount of data that is left to be used. You can also get a graphical view of the current data usage. You can preset the maximum data that you can use daily or monthly. Once it crosses the limit you are immediately notified in the phone.

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5. DiskUsage


This is a useful app since it finds a way to search for files and directories that can take up a lot of space. You can take a look at your SD card and the internal memory so that you can store data easily without any difficulty. The files that occupy the maximum space is shown on the screen of the smartphone.

6. NetCounter


This app is an excellent app that can help you to take a look at your data usage. It can be used for 3G and Wifi. The network traffic consumption is displayed in this app. You can use the counters and set it according to your preference. It alerts you as soon as the limit is crossed. Also it starts automatically if you restart your phone.

7. Usage Counter


This app helps you by keeping track of the minutes and texts that are left on your phone. It determines the minutes left in your telephone plan. However, it will not show the count if you erase the call log and text messages.

8. Network Usage


This app can show both Wifi traffic and 3G usage. It shows all the app network usage and makes an order of the data which is sent and received. With the help of this information one can find out the app that uses up the most bandwidth. You can then uninstall this app.

9. Memory Usage


This is the best solution for tracking unwanted files and folders in the SD card. With the help of this app you can discard the items that you do not require. It has a number of features. File sizes can also be compared with the help of this app. The  app can be used to find out the existence of large files.

10. Usage Timelines Free


This app basically contains graphical load history. It can show you the apps that overload the CPU. You can then uninstall that app which overloads the CPU. This app is available as trial version.

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