Amazon Prime in India – All You Need To Know

Amazon Prime India

Amazon India just announced that it is rolling out it’s popular Prime service in India. What does it mean to you? Let’s have a look.

  1. As an Amazon customer, you don’t have to pay additional shipping fees on “Prime qualified” products.
  2. Since most Prime qualified products are fast delivery, you will get free fast delivery in most of the times same day, and in other cases, two days.
  3. As an Amazon Prime user you will get access to special deals. (like the ones in US, like “PrimeDay deals”.)
  4. You’ll need to pay a subscription money of Rupees 499 per year.
  5. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you will get access to selected movies for Free on Amazon’s streaming services.

Amazon Prime India compared to Amazon Prime USA?

In the US, pretty much everyone I know subscribe to Amazon Prime, because it’s a good value for money. You get access to a lot of Prime qualified products and get free, one day-two day deliveries. No more waiting for a week to get your order delivered! Also, I love the fact that Amazon offers free movie titles for streaming. (That I watch on my smart TV).

I also like that I can use Amazon Fresh (a service that offers free food delivery, mostly within hours at selected locations) if I am a Prime member (there was even a free 1 month trial). Although I don’t use Amazon Prime Fresh that much, I am considering using it for my daily grocery/utilities shopping.

How to sign up for Amaonz Prime India?

So, in effect, I think this is a huge winner for Amazon India. For just Rs. 499 a year you are getting access to a ton of value and possibly early access to some of their amazing programs. And just like in the US, they’re also offering a free 60 day trial totally free of cost. What that means is that you can sign up free for now and choose to actually subscribe for the service for an year at Rs. 499/year!

To sign up for Amazon Prime, click here and continue.

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