10 Easy Ways To Get Over Alcohol Addiction

Consumption of alcohol may be socially accepted but alcoholism is a major social problem in the world today.

A large proportion of the world’s population suffers from alcohol addiction. There are many ways of fight it though. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Alcochol Addiction: Realizing the problem

Most of the time addicts refuse to seek any remedy since they cannot come to terms with the fact that they are addicts. If you are an addict, you need to come to terms with it. Then, the path to recovery is almost paved.

2. Find a support system

More often than not we see that a moral boost from friends and family is all it takes to set an addict on the path to recovery. Encouragement is the best way to wean one off something that they have become dependent upon. If family and friends cannot be relied upon then you must seek the help of support groups. Fighting alcoholism alone is a battle long lost.

3. Consultation

Consulting friends and family may help you find ways of battling addiction. An encouraging speech from a loved one may be good, but the advice of a professional is much better. At times self imposed treatments may not work out, in such cases professional treatment is required.

4. Decide on whether to quit or limit

You need to realize the extent of your addiction and your capability of dealing with it. Some may find it easy to stop alcohol altogether. While for some limiting the intake is the first step. Reducing consumption is the best way to tackle it, since the body gets time to adjust instead of immediate total abstinence.

5. Locate the psychological triggers

Generally alcoholism has its roots in a person’s lifestyle or even past. Many people are prone to addiction since drinking is a way of handling stress or suppressing grief. Hence it is important to locate the reason behind your affinity to alcohol.

6. Avoid triggers


After locating the psychological cause behind your alcoholism it is necessary to avoid it or deal with it, depending upon what the trigger is. If the trigger is stress then a stress free recovery period is must, if it is regressed emotions then they must be dealt with.

7. Ensure sober surroundings

It is easier to relapse if alcohol is available freely or if there is a drinking scene around you.  For the first few months of recovery, it is necessary to avoid alcohol as well as drinkers, even if they are social drinkers.

8. Manage withdrawal

The biggest obstacle in the path of recovery is withdrawal. The physical dependence on alcohol is bound to take a toll when you decide to give up. Some of the withdrawal symptoms may be excruciating enough to drive you back to the wine glass. Depending upon the stage of addiction you may need different ways of tackling withdrawal.

9. Find distractions

Apart from withdrawal symptoms you may have cravings as well. Best way to fight craving is to find distraction. Usually, we see that a positive conversation or activity can work wonders. By keeping busy with stress-free activities, you can get out of the craving.

10. Fight the setbacks

There is no sure fire way of fighting addiction. A large majority of recovering alcoholics are bound to fall off the wagon at least once. Do not let a relapse dishearten you. Losing a battle may not mean losing the war. Find ways of recommitting to recovery.

Tips to help battle alcoholism

  • Find out if you are in fact an alcohol addict or not. You can diagnose yourself or you can seek medical aid.
  • Arrange a support system to act as your conscience.
  • Seek guidance while deciding upon the treatment method.
  • Assess your capability and limit/stop your intake.
  • Find out why you are prone to drinking.
  • Stay away or deal with the psychological triggers that drinking helps you cope with.
  • Encompass yourself in an alcohol-free environment.
  • Find ways of fighting withdrawal symptoms.
  • Go “urge surfing”, fight the cravings.
  • Do not let a slip drag you back. Get back on the wagon no matter how many times you relapse.

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