9 Easy Exercises To Lose Abdomen Weight

Losing weight is what everybody would like to accomplish, but only a few succeed. While it is  easy to lose overall weight, it might be difficult to get rid of excess fat around the tummy or abdomen. Rather than looking at crash diets that promise to do wonders in 30 days or any exercise routine that claims to get you a flat belly in 7 days, you need to focus on exercises that can yield results in the long run. Thanks to the following exercises, you can lose weight around the belly fast:

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1. Brisk Walking


Well, most of us don’t understand the importance of walking. It is not just an exercise for the body but it also does wonders to your belly. However, you need to check the speed of walking. You can try brisk walking for 15 minutes, followed by speed walking for another 15 minutes, and finally, again some brisk walking. Done for six weeks, you will see improvements in belly fat reduction.

2. Crunches


Fitness experts claim that nothing works better for reducing the tummy than crunches. You need to lie down flat on a mat and lift the upper part of the body focusing on the belly muscles. It might take some time to understand how you are losing weight, but if you can do at least 20 crunches in three to four repeats for a month, the results will be there for everyone to see.

3. Yoga


Yoga is one of the most popular forms of losing weight, and the best part is that when you do it correctly, you will never harm your body. There are many asanas that can help, but one that stands out is Surya Namaskar. There are several asanas in the complete schedule, and you need to do the entire 12 exercises at a time, with 12 repeats each. The more number of times you do, the better.

4. Cycling


The best exercise that can be fun and happening for losing weight around the belly is cycling. You can just start using a bicycle for the purpose or can get a cycling machine at home, the choice is yours, but what is needed here is complete dedication. Ensure that you work hard on the machine for at least 30 minutes every day.

5. Leg raises


This is by far one of the simplest exercises that one can do, and you don’t need to wait for long to get the results. Lie down on your back and lift one leg up in the air making an angle of 90 degrees with your body, and get back to the original position. This has to be done fast with each leg, but make sure that you don’t hurt your muscles.

6. Ball exercises


You might have heard about the exercises that you can do using the gym ball. A gym ball is not just cheap but it can be used to do a variety of exercises. You can think of going crunches with the ball for support or even can try leg raises that can help you get rid of fat fast. If you think you cannot do much of the exercises on your own, join the gym to know more.

7. Step climbing


Are you the one who queues up for the escalator at the first instance? If yes, just skip the same and start with 2000 steps a day. Once you get familiar with the idea, you can look forward to adding more and raise your count until you reach 5000 steps a day.

8. Squatting


One of the many reasons why you must do squatting is the easiness of the exercise. You can start with 50 squats per day and increase the same gradually with time. Ideally, squatting is not just for the abdomen, but works great for the bums, as well.

9. Running and jogging


If you are willing to lose weight around the abdomen, you can choose to make way for running and jogging rather than walking. Running and jogging are not just great for fun but also known to aid weight loss attempt. For those who rise early, jogging early around sunrise can be a good idea, or else, you can choose to run in the evenings. The more you increase the intensities and distance covered, the better will be the results. Your abdomen needs to feel the sweat.

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