7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Red Grapes


Grapes are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, roughage and water necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. They contain fewer calories than green grapes. Red grapes contain flavonoids such as quercetin and reservatrol.

Quercetin is an antioxidant that prevents oxidized cholesterol from accumulating and helps in medical suppression of allergies. Reservatrol provides the colour and also helps in preventing heart disease and cancer by reversing or stopping the growth of cancer cells.

Health benefits of Red Grapes

It is also believed to be an anti-aging compound. Saponins are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-tumour compounds that work to prevent absorption of cholesterol in blood. The amount of reservatrol in red grapes can be determined by the strength of its color.

1. Nutritional Values

Grapes are classified as a food with low glycemic index, thus having beneficial properties in reducing blood sugar. It also helps to regulate the secretion in insulin and increased sensitivity to the action of the hormone. Grape phytonutrients are widely held to play a role in increasing the functionality and longevity of the human body, having beneficial effects on the genes Sirt1s, Fox0s and PBEFs. The consumption of 5-19 servings of fruits are recommended to maintain the balance between fruits and vegetables, being varied person to person by health factors such as taste, lifestyle and others.

2. Lifestyle and Cultural Use

Grapes as an integral part of diet in several cultures around the globe have been shown to have beneficial effects on the different systems of our body.

It also has anti- carcinogenic properties, lessening significantly the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer. Grapes have health benefits for cardiovascular systems than any other fruits.

The diet of French people, containing lots of cheese and fat and their subsequent increase in the risk of cholesterol-related heart problems are to a great extent offset by their habitual consumption of wine made from red grapes.

3. Antioxidant Benefits

Grapes contain Vitamin C, manganese, beta carotene and melatonin. Antioxidants are concentrated in the skin, seed and flesh, but eating the entire grape will also provide the same health benefit.

It can the overactivity of xanthine oxidase and catalese, increase glutathione levels in blood, protect cell membranes from free radical damage, reduce oxidation of fat and lower biomarkers of oxidative stress.#

4. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Grapes reduce the risk of harmful inflammation formation in the body is several ways: including the lessening of substances like interlukin 6, interlukin 1-beta and tumour necrosis factor alpha, and also reducing the secretion of pro-inflammatory enzymes cyclo-oxygenase 1 and 2.

5. Cardiovascular Benefits

Red grapes help in blood pressure regulation, cholesterol regulation, lowering of LDL cholesterol levels, reduced LDl oxidation, lessen likelihood of cell adhesion to blood vessel walls and blood coagulation. Intake of concentrated grape has proven to improve blood sugar balance and insulin regulation.

6. Cognitive Benefits

Grapes have shown to have cognitive benefits that is to improve the working of the mind. In studies conducted using the California Verbal Learning Test, grape juice consumed over a period of months have demonstrated to manifest marked benefits in the participants.

Grapes have also been proven to reduce the secretion of harmful enzymes in the brain such as IL-6, IL-1B and TNF-Alpha that strengthens and improves the functioning of brain cells.

7. Anti-Microbial Benefits

Grapes have proven to contain oligopeptides that have anti-microbial properties that have strong anti-germ properties and helps in preventing food borne illnesses. Research in this field is still in its infancy but the results derived so far have been promising.

The medicinal properties of grapes have aroused interest in the medical community and researches done in this field have received publicity and media attention. The media has elaborated significantly on the benefit of eating grapes & recommended the ample consumption of red grapes or foods containing red grapes.

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