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How To Get Rid of Pimples Overnight – 5 Tips

You woke up one fine morning, went to brush your teeth, looked into the mirror and found out a big ugly pimple on your face. Sounds familiar? That’s because we all have been through that. It could be very embarrassing especially if you are planning to have a day out with your friends, have an important meeting in the office or have a date.

Pimples are annoying. Clogging of skin pores due to excess oil secretion from the sebaceous glands, cause pimples. But no need to worry, here are some remedies that can get rid of pimples in no time.


Medications that are used to cure pimples

Some pimples are very stubborn and they refuse to go away. In such conditions, one can take help of medications.

Antibiotics, they are a good choice if the pimple on your skin seems infected or swollen. Antibiotics are very helpful in curing infections.

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Face wash, effective only in cases of minor skin eruptions. Apply the face wash and rinse you face with cold water every half an hour.

Benzoyl peroxide solution + moisturizer, many prefer using Triclosan instead of Benzoyl Peroxide solution as the later often causes burning sensations or skin irritation.

Home remedies to cure pimples

There are several home remedies that are safe and have minimal side effects and does wonder in scaring those red itchy pimples away.

Use an ice pack

It soothes your skin, helps it to relax and reduces the inflammation. Crush ice and put the crushed ice in a tiny piece of cloth. Keep the cloth on the affected areas for several seconds. Apply the ice pack every hour.

Can toothpaste cure pimples?

It might burn a little but is considered to be a very effective way to get rid of pimples. Apply a tiny amount of toothpaste, leave it for few minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

Sandalwood paste

It also soothes your skin and reduces the oil content in your skin

Lemon and honey to cure pimples

Make a paste of honey mixed with lime juice and apply it to the affected areas, it may sting but lemon really helps in getting rid of the ugly scars pimples leave behind. However, for this remedy to work, you need several hours.

These simple remedies will help you to get rid of pimples fast and you will have a radiant and glowing skin. Make sure you are not having any other infection or disease internally that are causing pimples.

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