5 Tips to get rid of back acne quick!

Almost everyone is familiar with the loathsome feeling of finding a giant pimple sitting pretty on their cheek. But, what if you find red blemishes all across your back? In fact body and chest acne are quite common.

However, you do not need to panic as these are quite curable.

How to get rid of back acne?

Some of the ways by which you may get rid of the back acne include –


Hygiene – Hygiene plays an important role in dealing with body acne. Our skin at the back is much different from that of the face and hence, treatments which work upon the face in dealing with acne are not much of use. Exfoliating the skin daily and cleaning it unclogs the pores, which are otherwise blocked by oil and dirt. Using a mild body wash while taking a shower is also of great help in getting rid of back acne.

Dietary issue – If you are prone to acne, then you would have to cut down on your snacking and reduce the stress. It is true that there is no proper evidence proving that certain types of food products aggravate the problem of acne, but if you feel that a particular type of food is causing the same, there is obviously no harm in reducing the intake of such a food item. Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants are said to be good in getting rid of acne and hence try to have more of it.

Need to avoid stress – It is not known if stress leads to acne, but chronic stress is said to worsen the condition. This directly affects the hormonal balance in the body and urges the body to produce more sebum, thus clogging the pores.

Your attire – You should always wear clothes which are made up of breathable fabric. This would not allow the skin to sweat profusely (particularly during the summer months) which in turn reduces the chances of getting acne.

Anti-bacterial soap – Use of anti-bacterial soap while bathing is a good habit as it reduces the chances of bacterial growth on the sweat pores causing acne. People who have an oily skin are much prone to such body acne and hence, using anti-bacterial soap gets them rid of body acne sooner than they expect.

If you follow these five simple steps properly, you would definitely see an improvement in a matter of days. These are few of the easiest ways of getting rid of back acne.

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