How To Get Rid of Headaches Quick – 5 Ways

Headaches are a common problem with almost everyone. They range from being mild to anything between severe and debilitating.

It is true that a pill or two usually takes care of the menace, but there are many who don’t consider popping pills to be a good solution.


How to get rid of headaches quickly

This post is thus a small effort to help you deal with headache in a more acceptable way.

A small break

A small break (30 minutes or so) from your work schedule is a great way to relax. Try relaxing with the lights turned off and focusing more on your breathing pattern. Make sure that your couch or bed is comfortable enough and try to keep your head blank.

Drinking water

Dehydration often leads to headaches and thus always keep yourself hydrated. Try drinking small amount of water at regular intervals and whenever you experience headache, get yourself a glass of water at least. Drinking alcohol, coffee or cold drinks should be avoided as they wouldn’t help the purpose.


Whenever you experience a headache or any discomfort, ask someone to give you a light massage. It distracts you from the tension and the pain. A long scalp massage or a neck and ear lobes massage would thus help you get rid of the headache. If you do not have anyone at home, you may do it yourself by putting two tennis balls in a sock and placing the same at the base of your skull, on the occipital bone.


Sex reduces tension and normalizes the blood pressure in the body. It also helps the body release the hormone oxytocin, which in turn releases endorphins, body’s natural pain killer.

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and prayers would help you distract your mind and thus would eventually get you out of the problem.

Ice pack

Applying ice pack on the forehead and the neck portion makes the blood vessels constrict thus lessening the pain. You may even try the same with a soft and wet cloth to get the desired results.

Hence, there are different ways of fighting a headache. The usual over-the-counter pain reliever does reduce the headache, but so do many of the other methods mentioned above. Thus, the next time you wish to fight this menace in a more natural way, make sure that you follow the above mentioned steps.

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