5 Best Websites That Offer Freight Forwarding from USA to India

Freight forwarding is a thriving business in the US, helping overseas customers get goods from American manufacturers conveniently. This business is becoming more and more popular due to the rapid growth of e-commerce and shipping options.

Instead of moving freight itself, freight forwarders play the role of an intermediary between a shipper and various transportation services. The freight forwarder organizes shipments for organizations or individuals and facilitates the logistics of transportation.

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If you wish to import goods from the US to India, here’s a list of five of the best freight forwarding service providers.

5 Best Freight Forwarders from USA to India


An international shipping company, 1GrandTrunk or 1GT specializes in parcel delivery and fulfillment. They provide services worldwide, with warehouses located in the US, China and India. This enables this freight forwarder to transport goods to all parts of the globe in the shortest possible time. All you need to do is buy the goods from your chosen destination and leave it in 1GT to transport it to your doorstep.


Another good choice of parcel delivery from the US to India is USendHome, which has a large warehouse in the US. This package forwarding service offers international shipping to any part of the world from the US. In comparison with any other such services, their charges are quite low. All you need to do is place your order online. The parcel delivery service will get the product picked up from the warehouse where it is stored and ship it directly to your home address.

Shop & Ship

Shop & Ship is a popular parcel delivery in America, which transports goods to India, as well as other countries. Here, you need to pay for shipping per 100 grams of weight of the product. It allows customers to track their shipment using either your Shop & Ship tracking number or the tracking number provided by the merchant from whom you bought the product.

Global Shopaholics

I have two main reasons why I am recommending Global Shopaholics to you. One is that they offer shipping at a very reasonable rate. Second, they include insurance of up to $300 with each freight. Anyone who is new to the US might not know about which stores they should pick to buy items that fall within their budget. Global Shopaholics helps you with this too, giving you a shopper whom you can take shopping with you in the US to get help in buying budget items. The items will be shipped to India on the same day that you make the purchase and request shipping.

Ending my list with USGoBuy, a company that offers parcel forwarding at one of the lowest costs. The company is supported by Aramex, a leading carrier, which enables USGoBuy to deliver excellent shipping quality and speed. This leading package forwarder has delivered millions of packages to more than 200 countries worldwide. There is no membership or monthly fee involved.

Check customer reviews before you choose a freight forwarding service that allows you to shop from top online stores in the US and ship to India.

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  • Thanks for this List,
    But in my personal experience, SFL Worldwide is a cheap and reliable international parcel forwarding service.
    Once I shipped my brothers package from Us to India.
    It offers the user to track their package in realtime and have an option to claim if any damages through shipping.

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