4 Tips to get curly hair quick!

Fashion is ever changing, ever evolving. Different looks and different hair styles thus happen to be the two important needs of the century. This is the sole reason that girls take extra care in deciding their hair style when they go out on a date or are to attend a party.

How to get curly hair?


Hence, if you are looking for some tips to get yourself curly hair, then the below mentioned steps would indeed come in handy. Let us take a quick look at the same.

Arrange the things

If you are really planning to change your straight tresses into attractive curls, you would need few things for the process. These include a shampoo, conditioner, curl mousse and last but the least, a heat protecting spray among other things.

Styling the dry hair

Once you are done arranging the things, wash your hair with a shampoo. If your hair is dry, you may even choose to avoid this step and rather rinse the same. Rub the curl mousse gently over your hair and then use the heat protecting spray. Remember to pin the top half of the hair while you dry the bottom portion. Use the dryer at the roots for a little longer, to give it some volume.

Heating with the curl iron

Now, take the clip out of the hair and finish drying the bottom part of the hair. Heat the curling iron and wrap the hair around it (small sections). Hold the same for few seconds and then release it. It is better if you use a pin curl and a hairspray during this step.

Getting the curls

Finally, wash off the mousse from the hair and let it dry. Wrap portions of your hair around a dry roller and secure the same with a clip. Use the blower for the last time (or you may even wait for it to dry up on its own) and take the clips out.

This, by all means is one of the best ways of getting a curly hair. These steps would help you get natural looking curls in a few hours, which remain the same for a longer duration. So the next time you party, you may actually go ahead and give it a try. However, I must admit that using blowers and curl irons time and again, do cause harm to the hair and thus should be avoided.

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