20 Ways to Make Extra Pocket Money

Everyone wants to make some extra pocket money, apart from their regular job or business. Here are some quick ways to earn some extra cash:

Pay per click program

There are plenty of websites which offer some small amount of money for just clicking on the advertisements shown on those websites. This needs no fluency of any language or computer efficiency.

Earn by reviewing songs online

Anyone can earn easy money by just listening to and then writing reviews of songs in websites. These websites offer a minimum amount of money for writing decent reviews of songs and their artists. However, some people complain that earning money is a slow process here.

Using Twitter for earning easy money

Many people use Twitter almost everyday to share their feelings with friends and know the same about others. Twitter can also be used for earning money by inserting some advertisements, this money is paid by the company whose advertisement is placed in one’s account in Twitter.

Earn from online gambling

Some people have hobby of gambling online like playing poker, which is also considered as a means of earning easy money. Though it is a sort of gambling, many poker players earn considerable amount of money.

Earn from online games

Many people play online video games, which often help them to earn some extra money, after reaching a certain level of expertise in those games. Some sites organize tournaments for their games, offering large amount of prize money to winners.

Writing content for websites

Though it is a slow process of earning, compared to the time consumed, writing is a hobby for many people who use their talent and love for writing as a means of earning some extra money as well.

Earn money from hobby of making handicrafts

Some people have a hobby of making craft items in their leisure time. They can also sell these items either physically in a store, or in some special websites that sell handicrafts, thus making a good amount of money from this hobby.

Teaching students

People can earn money in their free time by giving tuitions to school or college students, according to their qualification, as private tuitions are a must for gaining education.

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Earn by babysitting or opening a crèche

Many people, mainly women, have a special liking towards children, thus they can use their free time and love for children in running a crèche for babies of working parents and earn handsome money.

Freelance photography

There are some websites which buy original photographs clicked by freelance photographers for reasonable amount of money and publish in several websites on different topics.

Painting or sketching for money

Many artists sell their paintings or sketching for large amount of money. Even mediocre painters can earn, by selling their works to several websites who buy different types of drawings or paintings.

Freelance interpreter

People who know any foreign language can work as a freelance translator for some translation bureaus or interpreters with foreigners.

Imparting music lessons

People who are expert in any kind of music can teach vocal music or instruments to interested students in their home, thus earning from it.

Deal in stock market

People who have enough knowledge of the share market, can earn by making profitable deals in stocks.

Filling survey forms online

There are many websites which offer to pay for responding to their surveys by filling up survey forms.

Competing in online competitions

Many websites or organizations organize competitions with large prize money. People can get a chance of winning a handsome amount here.

Working as models or part-time actors

Some people have a talent of working as model or an actor, which they can also use during spare time.

Work as a freelance recruiter

Some people enjoy earning as a freelance recruiter for some placement consultancies, earning good amount of incentives.

Answer questions in Web research

Some websites offer payment for answering questions asked by other users of the website.

Working as insurance agent in spare time

Many people choose to work as an insurance agent alongside their usual job, to earn handsome commission by using their contacts.

Thus, people can put extra cash in their pockets in several ways in their spare time and fulfill all their desires.

Reference: Time Out, Money Wise

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