20 Tips To Reduce Uric Acid Levels

Most of us don’t understand the problems that arise with the increase of uric acid in the blood stream. The most common problem is a kind of arthritis, which is commonly known as gout, something that causes joint pain and inflammation.

How to lower uric acid levels from the blood.


1. Tofu for health

The first item to have in food is tofu, which is a smart alternative to Indian cottage cheese or Paneer. It is made of soybean and is known to help in reducing uric acid to a large extent.

2. Healthy proteins

While proteins are essential for the body, finding the right source of protein is essential to get rid of high uric acid levels in the blood stream. Rather than looking for animal food, one must prefer having sprouts and soybean that offers high quality protein, but with almost no or low fats.

3. Fruits in daily diet

Those with escalated levels of uric acid should include a few fruits such as cherries, bananas, oranges and apples in their diet. Cherries are known to be extremely great in reducing inflammation and are great for maintaining the levels of acid in the body. Ideally, Black cherry should be included in daily diet.

4. Fluids for secretion

Water is the best medicine for reducing uric acid. It is essential to have at least five liters of fluids every day with juices, soups and lemonades included. Fresh juices are known to be good for maintaining fluid levels in the body.

5. Carbohydrates are needed

Including complex carbohydrates such as cereals, fruits, veggies, and nuts can be good in reducing levels of uric acid.

6. Maintaining body weight

osing weight is good for people with high uric acid levels, but that should happen gradually. Exercise and diet should be done to lose weight, rather than having crash diets.

7. Checking the levels

For keeping a watch on your uric acid levels, it’s essential to make a regular check & maintain a record of the same.

8. Reduce poultry food intake

The simplest rule to remember is to ensure that diet doesn’t include poultry and eggs, which are high on purines and work badly for gout.

9. Reduce alcohol

Alcohol must be avoided by people who have problems with uric acid levels as this can cause the levels to rise.

10. Avoid caffeine

Coffee, cold drinks or anything that includes caffeine must be avoided. Most items containing caffeine cause uric acids to rise.

11. Veggies to avoid

While most doctors say that one can have veggies after boiling, it is still advisable to avoid vegetables such as mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, and cauliflower.

12. No more sweet dishes

Sugary foods are known to be bad for uric acid and hence things like cookies, cakes & pastries should be avoided.

13. No more red meat

Lamb, mutton, beef, turkey and pork must be avoided, and you must also avoid  foods that are made from  fats, livers and kidneys of these meat.

14. Control on seafood

While you can have seafood, it is advisable that you avoid seafood such as prawns, herring, fish eggs, mussels, lobsters and shrimp because they increase uric acid levels.

15. Avoid milk products

Most milk products are not considered to be good for people suffering from uric acid, and hence, at best, should be avoided. However, low fat milk and cheese can be taken in moderation.

16. Regular diet control

While all the things mentioned above are to be followed, it is important for a patient to maintain his diet chart and stick by it.

17. Medicines

The most common way to get rid of uric acid is to take medicines orally, but such medicines should be prescribed by a Doctor.

18. Exercise

There are few asanas in yoga that can be combined with brisk walking and running for a daily exercise routine.

19. Inclusion of soy milk

If you can find soy milk, you can use the same as a smart replacement of your dairy products or milk.

20. Staying alert

Since gout is caused in joints, it is very important that one take small breaks during work like a short walk.

Disclaimer: The above article is not written by a certified Doctor or a physician and should not be considered medical advice. Please consult your Doctor if you have any illness and is looking for a cure.

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