How to reduce eye strain from computer screen glare

Most of us cannot avoid sitting in front of the computer, laptop or even the tablet for hours, and not to mention, we all know the consequences of eye strain. While one cannot avoid using the computer at the workplace or at home, it is certainly possible to reduce eye strain to an extent. Here’s a close look at the top 20 tips.

1. Get your eyes checked

The first thing that someone with long computer working hours can do is get their vision checked. This can help in correcting vision disorders that often worsens with time.

2. Use proper lighting

Many of us have the habit of using the computer or laptop in balanced power mode where one has issues with lighting. Ensure that the lighting of the screen is optimized.

3. Use big letters

It is possible to increase the font size on the screen, so that your eyes don’t have to try hard to read something. This can help in reducing eye strain to a large extent.

4. Blink your eyes

Staring at the screen for a long time can be extremely tiring. You need to blink your eyes often, and you will find that your eyes are doing much better than expected.

5. Use anti-glare spectacles

There are spectacles in the market that come with anti-glare properties, which are designed for people who work before the computer for long hours.

6. Exercise your eyes

The simplest thing to do is to check some object located far away after 20-30 minutes of computer work. This should give significant relief to the eyes.

7. Use reading material

Most of us don’t want to work manually, but for your eyes, make sure that you use reading material or books that are available around you. this should help you reduce the eye strain.

8. Check the work desk

Many times, eye strain is caused because the work place is not placed properly. Ensure that your desk is situated where there is a white background for soothing eyes.

9. Computer glasses

There are special glasses that are formulated for computer usage, and hence, they are great and must haves for people who spend more than 8 hours in front of the screen.

10. Adjust contrast

Check the display settings of the computer and look for the best possible contrast settings. This can help in reducing eye strain and having lesser headaches.

11. Adjust the colors

There are many desktops where you can have a change in lighting or colors. You need to see that full spectrum lighting is optimized, so that your eyes have easy vision.

12. Take frequent breaks

Walking away from your desk every hour can be good for your health and your eyes. Make sure that that you frequent with little breaks whenever possible.

13. Look at green objects

Science says that the color green is best soothing to the eye, and if you have a tree outside your nearest window, you know where you should look while having a break

14. Use LCD and LED monitors

For those using those old giant monitors, it’s time for them for an upgrade. Look for LED and LCD screens that are much more likeable by human eyes.

15. Meditate every day

If you want to be confident at work and avoid straining the eye, meditation is the most important thing that you can do. This should give relief to the eyes after a day at work.

16. Use palming

Rub both your hands together before they become warm, and apply the same on your eyes whenever there is any pressure on the vision. Palming can reduce pain to a large extent.

17. Wash eyes often

Washing your eyes with ice cool water at least twice a day can be beneficial for reducing the strain caused by working on the computer. This can be immensely helpful when done regularly.

18. Use rose water

If you have impurities in eyes, or your eyes feel dirty, you can use rose water in eyes. It might burn initially, but in the long run, your eyes will be free of dirt and strain.

19. Use a screen guard

For those who don’t like spectacles, they can use screen guards that are available for protecting eyes from computer damage.

20. Avoid overworking

In case, you have a job that demands you to be in front of the computer for a long time, make sure you avoid using the computer rest of the time.

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