20 Tips to improve kidney functions


Are you looking for some tips that will improve the functioning of your kidney? In that case, the 20 tips mentioned below would definitely help you to know more about your kidney and the ways in which you can improve its function.

Proper water hydration

Having water is good but one should never gulp down excess quantity of the same. This puts a pressure on the kidneys. However, drinking a little amount of water every now and then keeps the body hydrated and assists in the proper functioning of the kidney.

Need of Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important role in our body. But most of us are not aware that it regulates the level of calcium and potassium in our body, which are again quite helpful in treating kidney issues.

Exercise daily

Exercising is good for health. It lowers blood pressure and the risk of diabetes, improves overall blood circulation, boosts immune system and increases stamina. All this together, indirectly helps the kidney perform its job better.

Relaxation methods

Like other body organs, even the kidneys are affected by stress. Hence, relaxation methods like Yoga and breathing exercises will improve the functioning of the kidney.


Asparagus has many uses and it has proved to be an effective treatment for kidney ailments. It acts as a diuretic and increases the urine production. It also helps in draining out excess fluid of the body, thus cleaning the kidneys and the bladder.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol (including red wine) is not good for the kidneys. Hence, if you want to remain fit and make your kidneys work properly, you would have to abstain from drinking.

Keeping high blood pressure at bay

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is not good for health. It is a clinical condition which often takes its toll on the functioning of the organs of the body (including kidney). In fact, recent reports suggest it to be the second most common cause of improper kidney function.

Practice Chi Kung

Chi Kung, which is also known as Qigong, is a practice by which people stay fit. The technique has evolved over the years and has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine and martial arts.

Stay away from diabetes

Diabetes often leads to kidney problems and hence, if you are suffering from diabetes, you should closely monitor the same. Without proper diabetes management, your kidney would never be able to function at its best.

Avoiding excessive Salt

Proper diet helps people stay fit lifelong. Hence, try to avoid fatty foods and food stuff which are rich in salt.

Avoid unrestricted use of medicines

Over the counter medicines are indeed good in helping you recuperate from common illnesses, but an excess dosage or use of the same can cause kidney function issues. Hence, try to avoid unrestricted use of medicines.

Say no to supplements

Heavy protein or protein supplements are not considered good for the kidney. Hence, if you wish to improve your kidney function, you would have to say no to these.

Keep your weight in control

Weight is directly related to kidney problems and this is the reason why obese men and women suffer from kidney problems. Therefore, you need to keep a watch on your weight. If you are overweight, try to get rid of the extra kilos.

Take the right medicine

There may or may not be medicines that would directly boost the performance of the kidneys, but you can always take medicines for other health issues (like diabetes and hypertension). Curing these problems would ultimately let the kidney function normal.

Healthy diet

Try to consume more fruits and green vegetables (including legumes). Even rice and pasta are of great help.

Drink more green tea

It is needless to say that green tea is good for health. The tea contains various plant antioxidants which help in the proper functioning of the kidney.

Never hold it too long

People should never hold their urine for far too long. Our bladders have a limited amount of space inside and once this fills up, it starts expanding. This is turn produces a pressure on the kidneys and hence should be avoided.

Drink a lot of fresh juice

Fresh juice is of great help when it comes to improving the condition of the kidneys. Experts believe that a glass of fresh juice is way better than packaged juices that are currently available in the market.

Avoid Painkillers

Painkillers take its toll on the kidneys and cause the system to go haywire. In fact, high dosage of the same, can even lead to complete kidney failure.

Monitor Sodium Intake

Kidneys maintain a balance of sodium inside the body. However, one should still monitor the intake of the same as an over-dosage of sodium and other forms of salt trigger pressure upon the kidneys, which may have serious implications.

Reference: Renal Functions (Wikipedia)

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