20 Simple Exercises To Stay Active All Day Long

Being fit and healthy is not a matter of choice but something that you need to inculcate in your life. Here are some ways to stay fit without any risk.


1. Walking

Simple and brisk walking is one of the best ways to stay fit. Walking at least 2 miles in a day can do wonders to your body. Walking is for all ages, and when you cannot do any other exercise, this is your everyday regime.

2. Running

This is a step ahead of walking, and when you run daily and follow the regime, you will never have weight related issues ever. Running should start early in life when your body is flexible.

3. Step climbing

Avoid using the escalator and walk the stairs to your office or home. The more you take the stairs, the more fit and strong you become. Aim to increase the step climbing count every day.

4. Push ups

If you are looking for some core exercises, make sure that you do at least 4 rounds of push ups everyday with 12 counts in each around. The more you do, the more you will build arm strength.

5. Crunches

If you have problems with abdomen weight, you can do crunches every day. You need at least 5 rounds of crunches with 12 crunches in each round.

6. Jogging

Balancing between running and walking, jogging can be a great exercise for keeping the body fit. Make sure you donโ€™t have many breaks and do jogging regularly.

7. Squats

Known to be a part of pilates, squats are excellent for losing weight and maintaining overall fitness of the body for the long term.

8. Ball exercises

If you have a gym ball at home, there are many exercises that you can do with the same. Take help from the instructor in the initial stage itself, to know what works for you.

9. Free weights

If you can do a few movements with weights, you can improve your fitness level. The weight you can carry and move depends on your physical strength.

10. Leg raises

You need to do leg raises daily & it can build and improve the shape of your thighs and overall fitness of the body.

11. Stretching

Whether you are sitting or walking, a little bit of stretching can be really good. You can ensure that your body is in action even when you are working at the desk.

12. Sit ups

There are many exercises that are easy to do, but sit ups are certainly one of the simplest exercises that you can do even at home.

13. Aerobics

A little exercise with fun, aerobics is all about that. If you have no time to design an aerobic plan for you, you can join a Health Club instead.

14. Surya Namaskar

While one cannot say this is a simple exercise, there is no denying that Surya namaskar is one of the best set of exercises that you can do to keep fit.

15. Hand raises

Rise your hand over the head and then touch your feet. You can repeat the same with more counts to ensure that your health is maintained.

16. Head swirls

Just move your head in circular and anti-circular rounds for at least a few times a day, to ensure that spinal cord gets the right amount of rest.

17. Side bends

Keep your hands on your waist and bend on both sides for at least 5 rounds with 10 bends on each side in reach round.

18. Cycling

Cycling is simple & can be done every day to maintain your fitness level. You can get a bicycle or buy a cycling machine.

19. Meditation

This may not be an exercise, but meditation is essential for maintaining your fitness. You can also do some breathing exercises daily for getting more favorable results.

20. Pilates

To be honest, Pilates is not tough and can be done with modifications. Pilates can be done effectively without causing pain to the body.

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