20 Best Websites to Print Wedding Cards Online in India

These days people give more importance to designing wedding cards for their marriage. They want their wedding invitation to be creative and different and spend more time and money for finalizing their wedding card. So the demand for companies which designs and prints creative wedding invitations is increasing day by day.You don’t need to go to the wedding card shops and choose the card as most of them provide the designs in their website itself.

Best websites to print wedding cards in India

Here are the best websites to print wedding cards online..

1. Menaka Cards

Menaka Cards was started in the year 1980 and one of the reputed company for ordering wedding invitations in India.It has a wide variety of cards with numerous designs available in various prices.The designs and price of the card are available in the website and the invitations can be ordered online.

2. Regal Cards

Regal cards is more than 75 years old and one of the oldest and trusted company for wedding cards in India.It has separate section for Hindu cards,Muslim cards,Sikh cards etc.Interfaith cards are available for people who don’t have any particular faith in a community.It also has an exclusive section named designer cards with innovative designs .eg. the invitation cover is made like a box and card is rolled and kept in the box. You can change the text color, font and layout online before ordering it.

3. IndianWeddingCards

IndianWeddingCards is designing innovative cards since 1971 and it includes scroll invitations,theme based invitations,hardbound cards etc. It also has Hindu cards,Muslim cards,Sikh cards,Christian cards,Mutli faith cards etc.You can view the exact look of the card by clicking the YouTube icon and viewing the video of the respective card.For each design, it also shows the color options available for the card.

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4. Parekh Cards

Parekh cards is a Mumbai based company and is designing the wedding cards for more than a decade.It has interfaith cards, Hindu cards,Sikh cards,Islamic cards,Scroll cards etc.The cards can be ordered and tracked online.

5. Universal

Universal Wedding cards was started in 1975 in Jaipur and has been selling wedding cards since then. It has designer cards,Muslim cards,Sikh cards,Christian cards,Jeweled cards,Handmade cards etc.In Jeweled cards, various kinds of stones are used in the design.

6. Shree Celebrations

Shree Celebrations is located in Gujarat and is known for selling exclusive designer wedding cards in India. It also has Hindu cards, Islamic Cards, Sikh cards, Christian cards,Scroll farmaan cards etc.

7. Vivahcards

Vivahcards is located in Ahmadabad and has a wide variety of cards like Hindu cards,Muslim cards,Gujarati cards,Scroll cards,Christian cards etc. It also has designer and laser print wedding cards.

8. My Shadi Cards

My Shadi Cards is a Gujarat based company designing and selling wedding cards since 1983.It has Hindu cards,Islamic cards,Christian cards,Sikh cards,Designer cards,royal scroll farmaan cards,personalized wedding cards,luxury wedding cards etc.

9. Majestic Cards

Majestic cards is a Chennai based company designing and selling wedding cards.It also designs bags for the wedding.The designs can be viewed in their website but there is no option for ordering online.

10. Olympic Cards Limited

Olympic Cards is manufacturing and selling invitation for various occasions since 1963 and is located in Chennai.It has Hindu cards,Islamic cards,Christian cards,Scroll cards,Box type cards, personalized cards etc and the cards can be ordered online.

11. Weddings9

Weddings9 has cards like traditional,contemporary,theme cards,designer cards,Hindu cards,Sikh cards,Muslim cards,Christian cards etc.It offers free printing charges once the order is confirmed.

12. Dream Wedding Card

Dream Wedding Card is one of the reputed company providing wedding cards for more than 10 years. It has Hindu cards,Sikh cards,Muslim cards,Christian cards,Scroll cards,Designer cards,Jewish cards etc.

13. All Wedding cards

All Wedding cards was founded in the year 1999 and has cards like Hindu cards,Sikh cards,Muslim cards,Christian cards,Scroll cards,Designer cards,Jewish cards,Bar Mitzvazh cards etc and it also offers free printing.

14. Weddingcards4u

Weddingcards4u was established in 1977 and has cards like scroll cards,designer cards,personalized cards,exclusive cards etc.They use silk screen and various kinds of gems and stones for designer wedding cards.

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15. Mackmarkcards

Mackmarkcards is a Mumbai based company founded in 1989 and is selling cards like Hindu cards,Sikh cards,Muslim cards,Interfaith cards, Scroll cards, Designer cards, Theme cards, laser cut cards etc.

16. Lovely Cards

Lovely cards is one of the noted wedding card company located in Sivakasi, Tamilnadu. It has Hindu cards,Sikh cards,Muslim cards,Christian cards,Scroll cards, personalized cards etc.

17. Ravish Kapoor

Ravish Kapoor is a Delhi based designer who designs exclusive and personalized wedding cards in an innovative manner. Some of the sample designs can be seen in the website.

18. Luxurious Invitation

Luxurious Invitation is designing and selling wedding cards since 1973 and it has Hindu cards,Sikh cards,Muslim cards,Catholic cards, Multifaith cards, Scroll cards, personalized cards, Jeweled cards etc.

19. Supreme Cards

Supreme Cards is one of the popular company in Chennai providing wedding invitations and it has Hindu cards,Muslim cards,Christian cards, personalized cards, designer cards etc.

20. Niraika

Niraika is one of the reputed wedding cards company in Mumbai for more than 30 years and has Catalogue collection cards,Muslim cards,Esquire collection cards,scroll cards etc.

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