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20 Online Games to Improve Brain Function & Power

Your brain is an effective tool. It helps a person to understand the most complicated of tasks yet it may grow weaker with time. To keep your brain sharp as well as focused, you should know about increasing mind power. To successfully improve your intellect it may be beneficial to perform mind training exercises. These include puzzles and quizzes made to make your brain really work. Doing them daily can help one to maintain their braininess and improve it.

Mind games really are a fun way to improve brain power because they force you to consider and concentrate. And there are plenty of mind games you can play to increase the power of the mind. You can perform games like Sudoku and crossword puzzles if you want to play with  words. You may also play video games as well as some computer video games. You can perform brain teasers to boost your brain power and enhance concentration.
Finding methods to stretch and exercise your mind is important for a happy life. Fortunately, the Web is full of games, tools, and web apps which will boost your psychological power and leave your mind sweating.

Mind games

BrainBashers – BrainBashers are a series of brain teasers, riddles, video games, puzzles, and optical illusions. This remarkable brain game site updates video games and puzzles frequently. – This brain teaser website offers a wide range of games and trivia to improve your brain. They offer puzzles, jokes, trivia, games, riddles, and optical illusions-all designed to increase your mind power.

Sharp Brains — Sharp Brains offers 50 top mind teasers and games which everyone will love. These games enhance your vocabulary, memory, logic, math, and attention abilities.

Braingle – Along with over 17, 000 user-rated mind games, Braingle may be the perfect place to enhance your brain functions. As an additional bonus, this site offers exercises to improve your memory, creativity, vocabulary, and stress management.

Brain Metrix — Brain Metrix is created to build brain power. The site may increase your reflex, memory and concentration through a series of activities.

Brain Teaser Central – This is a great place to stretch your mind with logic, mathematics, illusions, games, trivia, puzzles and much more.

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Fit Brains – It is a site with free, enjoyable games which exercise five crucial cognitive brain places: memory, visual-spatial, executive, focus, and language.

Brain Teasers System – With every day brain teasers and a variety of popular and difficult games, Brain Teaser Network is really a handy site to build brain functions.

Brain Box – Brain Box provides lateral thinking crossword and puzzles. These custom-made crossword vague ideas are entertaining and also educational. (No longer available) – This site contains over 100 original brain games & exercises including a memory workout and daily competitions – offers several fun games to challenge your brain, including crosswords, word searches and brain teasers.

Internet Apps

Flash Card – Flash cards really are a great way to review and retain information. Flash Card Machine includes a web application for creation and sharing your flash cards.

Twivia – It is a Twitter app which helps to exercise your brain by daily trivia questions.

Imagination Cubed – Check out the app of GE. It enables you to illustrate and share your opinion with free sketching tools.

Mindmeister – It is a brainstorming app that increases your mind power through innovative thinking. The app enables you to organize and visualize your opinions by mind mapping.

Misc Resources

LibriVox – Books are a very good way to keep your mind fit and energetic. LibriVox offers plenty of free audio books to keep your mind working.

Visuwords – Visuwords produces a visual neural network to show how words are related to one another- a good way to exercise your mind.

Creative Writing Prompt – Writing connects your thoughts, ideas with the world around you. This website can give your creative side a significant workout.

Popling – It is a desktop app for those who wish to learn without studying. It displays a small window with questions on your PC screen by which you can learn languages, and things related to science and much more without putting huge efforts.

WebMD – EWebMD illustrates how exercise could make you brain sharper and perform much better.

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