20 Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is produced from fresh coconuts by using modern machinery. It is mainly produced in Asian countries, as coconut is cultivated in plenty in these countries. Virgin coconut oil contains natural goodness & ingredients which are highly beneficial for the human body:

Increases immunity
Virgin coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, thus its regular consumption helps in preventing many diseases.

Protects the cardiovascular system of the body
In spite of containing saturated oil, virgin coconut oil is found to lower cholesterol level in the body, thus reducing considerably the chance of a heart attack.

Helps in reducing body weight
As virgin coconut oil contains medium chain of fatty acids or triglycerides, it burns out in the body never gets stored in the body. Regular intake of virgin coconut oil can make a person slim by lessening body weight.

Protects from infection
If virgin coconut oil is applied on a wound or sore, it protects from infection caused by Staph bacteria and also prevents pus formation.

Helps in healing wounds
Virgin coconut oil helps in healing minor wound or burn by cross-linking collagen tissues in the wound.

Supplier of Vitamins and minerals
Virgin coconut oil is full of vitamins like Vitamin C and E, and several helpful minerals, which maintains the health of the body.

Supplies anti-oxidants to the body
Virgin coconut oil has abundant anti-oxidants which help the body to fight diseases, as it defends from harmful free radicals present in the body.

Protects against aging processes
Virgin coconut oil can make skin of aged people look much younger as it contains Vitamins C and E.

Prevents stretch marks
Women apply virgin coconut oil on their abdomen to prevent formation or removal of stretch mark in a pregnancy.

Helps in absorption of fat soluble vitamins
Virgin coconut oil helps to absorb fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K in the body system.

Keeps skin healthy and glowing
Virgin coconut oil makes your skin soft, smooth and healthy, when it is applied as a moisturizer, instead of moisturizing lotion.

Helps in growing healthy hair
When virgin coconut oil is applied on the scalp and the hair, it makes the hair much stronger and stops hair protein from getting washed away during a bath. It makes the hair silky too and helps in preventing any tangles in the hair.

Prevents skin problems
Regular application of virgin coconut oil on the skin prevents skin problems like rashes, acnes, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Any skin irritation can be lessened by applying virgin coconut oil on that area as it reduces inflammation of the skin.

Helps in digestion and reduces bowel problems
Consumption of virgin coconut oil helps in killing harmful germs in the digestive tract and prevents constipation, indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome.

Lessens muscular pain
Virgin coconut oil is known to reduce muscular pain when massaged with it.

Helpful in thyroid problem
Virgin coconut oil is known to be helpful in treating hypothyroid symptoms, though it is yet to be clinically confirmed.

Act as eye cream
Application of virgin coconut oil reduces any wrinkles, puffiness or loosening of the skin under the eyes or over the eyelids.

Act as deodorant
Virgin coconut oil acts as a deodorant by removing unwanted odor in the body.

Provides healthy skin to babies
Regular massage of virgin coconut oil on  a baby makes skin beautiful and it also protects from any infection.

Protects the lips against drying
Virgin coconut oil makes the lips softer, as well as protects it from dehydration.

Thus, virgin coconut oil is essential for our health as well as to prevent many diseases in the human body.

References: Health Diaries, Sakthi International

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