20 Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil has been included in our daily routine for many years. Cod liver oil has many vitamins and other health benefits present in them.

The 4 nutrients present in Cod liver oil are-

  1. DHA
  2. EPA
  3. Vitamin A
  4. Vitamin D

The 20 benefits of Cod liver oil are..

Cod liver oil makes human beings healthy and strong.
Cod liver oil has Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D which helps cure deficiency diseases related to Vitamin D and Rickets.

Cod liver oil was previously manufactured by mixing sea water and Cod oil and allowing the mixture to ferment.  What came at the bottom was a watery fermented fish sauce called garam. The oil floated on the top. This fermented fish oil was undoubtedly a health elixir.

Cod liver oil is also known to cure joint pain, arthritis and make our bones and heart strong. Having maximum Vitamin A and Vitamin D as its constituents, a person consuming Cod liver oil must know as to how much Vitamins he is consuming.

Cod liver is known to prevent cancer among women. However, taking excessive amounts of Cod liver oil can cause problems like hypertension.

Cod liver oil reduces infant development abnormalities.

DHA is an essential fatty acid present in Cod liver oil that prevents depression and keeps our nervous system and eyes healthy. During pregnancy it is best to have foods with proper DHA for the development of the nervous system of the baby.

EPA is an essential fatty acid present in Cod liver that has anti-inflammatory properties especially for preventing arthritis.

Vitamin A present in Cod liver oil helps in healthy mucosal linings, good skin and proper vision. This Vitamin also helps heal internal bleeding and other gastro-intestinal disorders.

Vitamin D in Cod liver oil helps to maintain strong bones and teeth. It also gives a boost to our immune system and helps maintain blood sugar level in the body.

Cod liver oil makes the human blood thinner and protects the arteries from damage.

Among its other benefits, Cod liver oil fights heart ailments & reduces blood triglycerides.

Cod liver oil is a great remedy for stronger immunity and health and that is why it is prescribed for children.

Cod liver oil relieves migraine and bronchial asthma in human beings.

The most common mode of obtaining Cod liver oil is in capsules. However, in some countries people eat fresh cod liver oil made by fermenting and processing the oil. This is because food experts believe that processing Cod liver oil destroys Vitamin A and D which are fat soluble in nature.

Cod liver oil has the highest source of Vitamin D present than any other food source. Many a time the taste of the Cod liver oil is masked by many flavors such as mint, lemon and many other flavors.

Cod liver oil combats early kidney diseases in human beings.

Cod liver oil is a home remedy for diseases like muscle pain, arthritis, diabetes and blood pressure.

Though Cod liver oil was used to light lamps, people have been using Cod liver oil for their children for hundreds of years.

Cod liver oil can treat many unconventional diseases like Cystic Fibrosis and many chronic diseases.

Last but not the least, Cod liver oil reduces risk of lupus.

Thus, we can see that Cod liver oil is a great remedy for children as well as adults and has been helpful for ages.

Reference: Modern Health Alternative, Wikipedia

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