20 Foods to Stay Energetic All Day

There is more to a healthy lifestyle than physical and mental well being and this is what has been discussed in this post. A certain level of self motivation and self discipline would definitely help you lead a better life. The 20 tips that have been mentioned below would tell you the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Let us have a look at the same.

1. Snacking actually helps

Try not to avoid the hunger pangs, and hence always keep something handy to eat. Keeping an energy bar or an apple inside the bag is thus of great help.

2. Breakfast is really really important

There are many who skip breakfast, but that by no means is a good habit. In fact one should never skip the breakfast as it gives us the right amount of energy to work with, the entire morning.

3. Eating time and again

Believe it or not, but eating every 3-4 hours (in small portions) is a great way of staying fit.

4. Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is not a good idea. The more you skip meals, the more would be the urge to overeat when you finally find food later on.

5. Eating before going out

Well, try to eat something healthy, before you are out with friends. This would provide you with the energy all day long.

6. Eating before going to parties

This may sound weird but you should actually have something light (almonds or apples) at home before heading for a party. This way you would have something nutritious inside you while you dig into unhealthy stuff at the party.

7. The 3 bite rule

Desserts are not good for health as you always run the risk of putting on kilos. However, it’s quite hard to resist when there’s a good dessert right in front of you. This is where the 3 bite rule kicks in. Give your precious dessert 3 bites or so and then put the spoon (or fork) down. This way you would have enjoyed it and at the same time avoided the tons of calories that it comes loaded with.

8. Have dinner, the minimal way

Try to keep the dinner simple and light. Generally, people don’t have much work post dinner and hence, everything that you eat at dinner, gets accumulated inside the body and transforms into fat.

9. Make sure its a small plate

Using a small place for dinner is often considered to be a good habit, as most people fail to resist good food. Hence, a smaller plate would help them know when they have had enough for the night.

10. Dealing with cravings

Most of the times, the cravings last only for 10-20 minutes. If you are unable to control it, try distracting yourself by talking to a friend over phone.

11. Do a reality check

Try squeezing into a bathing suit. If you like the look of it, make sure that you maintain the same figure. If not, then try to shed the extra kilos that make you look clumsy.

12. Wearing spanx

Wearing spanx inside the party dress or gown will not only make you look slim, but would also put a check on you, from overeating.

13. Setting up goals

Set up targets that you would like to achieve. Imagine the lingerie or dress that you would like to fit into and work towards the goal. This would help you stay fit.

14. Fluid intake

Always keep yourself hydrated. Whenever you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first. Experts believe that most of the times, hunger is caused by thirst and hence, drinking some water would definitely help you avoid having extra food.

15. More about drinks

Try and avoid the intake of alcohol. If you are having the latte’s and the soft drinks make sure that you do not have them every now and then. Having a diet version of the soft drinks is another way of keeping healthy without actually avoiding soft drinks.

16. Personal stats

Measure your stats after a fixed stipulated time, every month. This little assessment would help you stay fit and lead a better life.

17. Walk walk walk.

Having a small walk across the park or down the lane is a great way of staying fit.

18. Relaxation exercises

Well, relaxation exercises are of great help, when it comes to having a better lifestyle. Relaxation exercises as breathing exercises and yoga often help in dealing with stress and other physical ailments.

19. Physical exercise

Even if you are not keen on doing yoga or going out for walks, make sure that you get some physical exercise every day.

20. Ordering salads

Salads are rich in nutrients (as they include green vegetables) and more importantly take up a certain space when you are having meals. Hence, this puts a check on your eating binge.

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